Unlock Your Glutes Review

Unlock Your Glutes Review

Unlock Your Glutes is all about training your body’s largest muscle to build more stretch, power and shape for less. Oh, and did I forget to mention that it isn’t all about spending hours on end doing endless squats and lunges? In fact, this system tells you to stop doing squats and lunges. Now I have your attention, don’t I? It definitely caught mine. It’s industries best-kept secret that by working out the largest muscles in your body, you can burn fat quicker and from all areas but hearing that I didn’t have to do 100 squats a day definitely peaked my interest. So, naturally, I had to see what Unlock Your Glutes was all about and this is what I found out.

About the Unlock Your Glutes Program

Your glutes are the most powerful muscle in your body and Unlock Your Glutes is a system designed to take advantage of that by unlocking your glutes’ true power, hence the name. What might surprise you though, is that almost every lower body and back movement you make is activated and powered by your glutes. The program explains it as your glutes being the engine to these movements, like putting the pedal to the metal.

By Unlocking your glutes with this unique system, you can maximize your training efforts, strength and health as a whole… while also getting a great butt, which is always a nice bonus.

In all seriousness though, your glutes are the powerhouse of your body with everything flowing from this area – from walking to jumping, climbing, rubbing, stepping, sitting, standing – you name it. So, the stronger your glutes are, the stronger and more efficient the rest of your movements and training becomes. Makes sense! And as mentioned previously, you aren’t required to do hundreds of squats and lunges a day. This program actually tells you to stop doing those boring repetitive movements and more importantly, teaches you what to replace them with.

Unlock Your Glutes in broken down into various components to help you easily and successfully complete this revolutionary workout system. They are:

  • Main Manual
    • Workout Charts
    • Exercise Definitions and Pictures
  • Coaching Videos (Clear visual and audio instructions on what to do and how to do each movement)
  • Strong Leg Workout Videos

As a bonus, you also receive:

  • 14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Diet

And you get all of that with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, which is more than enough time needed to see just how powerful, effective and beneficial this program is.

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About the Author of Unlock Your Glutes Program

Unlock Your Glutes was created by Brian Klepacki, also known as Coach Brian within the health and fitness industry. He is a Certified Strength and Conditional Specialist and also has a Masters Degree in Exercise Science. Brian has worked within the training and exercise industry for over 16 years and is now a Functional Movement Specialist. He’s been featured on various platforms, from the Olympics to the NFL, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Strength Camp and many more.

Brief Summary of the Unlock Your Glutes Program

Let’s get down to the butt of it and by that, we mean the foundation of the system. Unlock Your Glutes is exceptionally comprehensive, complete with a thoroughly written manual and many workout videos to follow. To give you a better idea of what the program is about, here is a sneak peek at some of the topics covered in the main manual.

Chapter 1 – Meet Your Glutes

If you’re going to workout your glutes, you have to know what your glutes are, and this chapter has you covered.

Chapter 2 – Anatomy and Bio-Mechanics of the Glutes

Now, since the creator of this program does have a Masters Degree in Exercise Science, it only makes sense that he dedicates a chapter to the science of his unique system. And even if you aren’t a science buff, the information in this chapter is pretty awesome.

Chapter 3 – The Sleeping Giant

It’s time for some neuromuscular activation! What in the world is that, you ask? It’s about waking up your glutes to maximize results and to improve your training techniques.

Chapter 4 – A Healthy Front = A Healthier Back

This chapter teaches you how working out your butt will actually improve, strength, tone and tighten the rest of your body.

Chapter 5 – Health Benefits of Strong Glutes

…Does this chapter really need explaining? It’s the health benefits that follow stronger glutes. Don’t be fooled though, you’ll be shocked.

Chapter 6 – The Posterior Powerhouse

This chapter teaches you how your glutes can be used to generate a great amount of power and how you can use it to your advantage in sports or even just in everyday life.

Chapter 7 – Building a Bigger Stronger Booty

Here lie the secrets to getting a glute-to-leg ratio!

Chapter 8 – Burn Fat and Sculpt a Rounder Booty

Learn the four ingredients to sculpting your glutes – strength and size development through resistance training; toning and sculpting; cardio and dieting.

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Chapter 9 – The Scientific Solution

Again with the science! Here’s just some added proof – and science – that supports the methods and training techniques provided within this system.

Chapter 10 – Program Overview and Parameters

This is where you’ll find the guidelines or rather, the rules to starting and completing the program. It goes over cardio and nutrition, warmups, parameters, routines and more.  The cool thing about this section is that it comes with a finisher workout sheet that’ll keep you on track.

Chapter 11 – Final Thoughts about the System

…Again, do you need an explanation for this chapter?

Chapter 12 – Workout Charts

Here you’ll find all your workout charts, complete with everything you need to know to complete each perfectly. From reps to rest, sets, tempo and holds, these charts have you covered.

Chapter 13 – Exercise Definitions and Pictures

In this chapter, you find detailed definitions and pictures of every movement mentioned within the workout charts. So, you’ll never worry about what to do or how to do it.

There’s also a video library that makes it easy to complete the movements properly.


Phew. That was a lot of information and I haven’t even touched on the Strong Leg Workout Videos and 14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Diet, but what I can tell you is that they are created with the exact same science, creativity, expertise and quality as the Unlock Your Glutes system. So, if you’re ready to get a nicer butt and one that reshapes and sculpts the rest of your body in the meantime, you know what to do.


Download Unlock Your Glutes PDF

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