The Power Efficiency Guide Review

The Power Efficiency Guide turns knowledge into power, offering you a comprehensive guide that teaches you how to create your very own energy source. There’s no need to fork over a fortune for solar panels or to put your family at risk with a generator because as you’re about to discover, generating your own energy is safe, easy and just as affordable. And there’s no better time for it! With global warming becoming an even bigger concern that is bringing significant storms and natural disasters to the land, power outages are happening frequently and for far longer periods. The Power Efficiency Guide ensures you have a rescue line in the case of an emergency, and of course, makes sure you have renewable energy so you can remain safe and comfortable when the power lines are down.

What is The Power Efficiency Guide About?

Creating your own energy source isn’t as complicated as most people think. You don’t have to invest your life savings in solar panels, take an engineering course to build a windmill or put your family at risk with a toxic or flammable energy source. Instead, with the right materials that can be found at your local department store and at an affordable price, you can fuel your home and everything in it.

The Power Efficiency Guide provides you the exact steps needed to gather the right materials and to place them in the right position to get energy flowing. It’s based on the spinning principle that is used to power electric cars – the same principle that can be found in nature. Basically, it’s all about a multiplication principle that takes a small source of energy and multiplies it with the spinning principle. Sure, it might sound complicated but it really isn’t, especially with this guide.

In fact, there’s an entire chapter dedicated to teaching you about the different energy sources, how they work and ultimately, how you can create your own. It’s actually quite interesting but you can skip over it if you’d like to get into the good stuff which is how the guide can:

  • Save you at least 50.75% of electricity
  • Power everything from your home to water pumps
  • Provide an energy source for a cottage or while camping
  • Give you a rescue line in the case of an emergency
  • Clean dirty water when in desperate need
  • Save you thousands of dollars in electricity bills

how to reduce electricity bill

The best part? It’s as safe as it is reliable. The method provided to you in the guide doesn’t release any dangerous fumes, nor does it use fire. So, you can feel safe having this energy source powering your family’s home.

You also receive several bonuses at no extra charge to you, which is always nice. While the program itself is more than enough, the bonus programs provide you with even more information to turn your newfound knowledge into power. They are:

  • Bonus: Reducing Energy Waste
  • Bonus: Meyer Magnet Motor
  • Bonus: Power from Smith Generator
  • Bonus: Lighting History

The awesome thing is that everything can be accessed online as soon as you purchase. You simply download the content onto the tech device of your choice. I recommend making sure that it’s on your smartphone and/or tablet to ensure you can find it when and if the power goes out. However, you don’t need to be in a crisis or at an inconvenience to create your own energy source. As long as you want to save money on your electricity bills, this is a great guide to get.

You also receive a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee when you purchase which gives you more than enough time to start building your own energy source and reaping the power that comes from it. If you’d rather pay massive electricity bills and deal with unreliable and unpredictable power problems, then you can choose to take advantage of this.

Who is the Creator of The Power Efficiency Guide?

The Power Efficiency Guide was created by Mark Edwards, who isn’t some science guru by any means. He’s just a family guy that found his loved ones in an unsafe and uncomfortable situation after the power went out for several days in the dead of winter. With the help of family friends who have extensive knowledge of electricity and energy, he was able to create his own energy source and get the power back up and running in his household, long before the city was able to.

Summary of The Power Efficiency Guide

I know what you’re thinking, it’s too hard to build your own energy source, but don’t be mistaken. The guide breaks everything down for you, showing you exactly what to buy at your local hardware store and what to do to start creating energy quick and easy.

how to make free electricity to run your home

Everything is broken down into different chapters, complete with step-by-step instructions and pictures to ensure everyone can create their own energy. Here’s a sneak peek at the chapters, so you can see what I mean:

  • Introduction
  • List of Components
  • DC Motor 12-volt
  • Gears with Sprocket Chains
  • Flywheel
  • Rotors
  • Alternator
  • The Generator
  • The Switch
  • The Inverter
  • Battery
  • Conclusion
  • List of Tools

It’s worth mentioning that even the tools needed to start putting the materials together are common items that can be found in pretty much every household. If you don’t have them, it’s highly recommended to pick them up while grabbing the materials to make your own energy source. However, chances are your neighbor’s will have them as well and you could borrow them if needed.

The Verdict

You can’t go wrong when you have the knowledge needed to create your own energy source. It can be the rescue line you need in the case of an emergency and it may even save your life one day. At the very least, it’ll save you from breaking your bank on electricity bills and considering you have a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, you have nothing to lose with The Power Efficiency Guide. Knowledge is power; this guide provides you with the knowledge and then teaches you how to turn your knowledge into power.


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