Josh Houghton’s Flat Belly Detox Review

Josh Houghton's Flat Belly Detox Review

Flat Belly Detox is an online program that teaches you detox tricks that allow your body to burn up to 1.2 lbs of fat each day. I know what you’re thinking, I’ve heard that before but this program doesn’t promise you weight loss by running long hours on a treadmill or eating nothing but broccoli like all the other programs do.

Instead, it’s all about detoxing your body of the fat that has been hindering your happiness, life and essentially, weight loss all this time. And nope, you don’t have to give up your favorite foods, starve yourself, pop magic pills or supplements. It’s all about adding specific ingredients into your diet that thin out your digestive juices to unclog your system and ultimately, let you start burning fat again. This is huge since we can all relate to following strict diets and working out relentlessly but still not seeing results. It’s because your body doesn’t have an outlet. With Flat Belly Detox, it finally will.

What is Flat Belly Detox?

Just when you think you’ve tried it all and are doomed to being overweight for the rest of your life, you stumble across the Flat Belly Detox. This unique online weight loss program isn’t like any of the other ones out there on the market because it’s isn’t about cruel workouts that make you so exhausted that you never actually get to enjoy the weight loss or even worse, a diet regime that strips the flavor out of your favorite foods.

Instead, it’s about using various detox tricks that allow your digestive tract to dispose of juices that have been clogging your system all this time. By doing so, you’ll finally be able to start burning fat again. The best part? All that is required of you is a couple of minutes each day to complete three steps for a minimum of 21-days.

Flat Belly Detox Download Page
A preview of Flat Belly Detox’s Download Page

Now, to ensure you stay on your weight loss track, the creator doesn’t recommend that you write down how many steps you completed each day – 0 for completing none of the steps, 1 if you finished only one, a 2 if you finished only two steps and a 3 if you completed all three steps.

What are these steps, you ask?

Flat Belly Detox requires you to complete:

  • An ‘Instant Energy’ for Breakfast
  • A Lean Lunch
  • Soup Detox Dinner

Yes, that’s it! I will elaborate on these in just a couple of moments because while the steps are that simple, the program has provided you with an abundance of additional materials, such as recipe and lists of food examples to help you make the right choices to complete each step.

But that isn’t all. The program also provides you with an eBook on:

  • Bedtime Belly Detox
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 5 Fruits to Avoid for a Flat Belly
  • Bonus: 24-Hour Cheat-Tox
  • Bonus: Fat-Burning Restaurant Survival Guide
  • Bonus: Triple Your Fat-Burning Overnight Formula
  • Bonus: #1 Vegetable to Never Eat
  • + 10 Bonus Video Workouts

Comprehensive? To say the least!

Flat Belly Detox is highly focused on the unique 3-step detox system provided that using specific ingredients that light a fire in your belly fat; the bonus programs are like throwing fuel on the fire so you burn even more belly fat.

A neat feature to the program is that everything is online so you can get started right away. Just choose the tech device you’d like to have the program on – desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone –  and download! Doing so is not only convenient, but it also allows you to take the program with you wherever you need to go, such as the kitchen to cook up the delicious detox recipes provided or the living room to bust out 5-minutes of cardio with one of the exercise videos.

Additionally, you receive a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. So, if you aren’t sure if you’re ready to detox your way to sustainable weight loss in as little as 21-days, then this option is there for you.

Who is the Creator of the Flat Belly Detox Program?

This unique 3-step weight loss detox program was created by Josh Houghton who, just like you and I, once struggled with his weight. In addition to being a weight loss coach today, Josh is also hailed as a fat loss expert who brings unique strategies to the health and fitness industry that not only help people achieve their weight loss results, but that help them improve their quality of life as a whole.

detox tricks to lose weight

Quick Summary of the Flat Belly Detox Program

To give you a better understanding of the type of things you receive when you start this detox fat burning program, I’ve decided to give you a sneak peek at some of the sections.

For example, here are some of the delicious recipes you get to enjoy while completing each step of the program:

  • White Coffee Recipe (Mmm, cinnamon and whipping cream)
  • French Chicken Soup
  • Italian Sausage Soup
  • Soup Mexicana
  • Bacon Omelet
  • Egg Muffins
  • Pumpkin Protein Smoothie
  • Stuffed Bell Peppers

… And that’s only to name a few of the fat-flushing recipes you receive.


I know what you’re thinking, there’s no way detoxing with specific ingredients can lead to sustainable, long-term weight loss. And you know what, you are right to some extent. Chances are, you’ll want a life filled with much more than the handful of recipes and food samples provided. However, you need a boost to get you, and your weight loss journey started.

With the Flat Belly Detox, you receive the knowledge you need to start the detox, which leads to you losing weight which results in you feeling better, regaining your self-confidence, and having more energy to work out harder, to eat cleaner, and to ultimately making a healthy lifestyle change. While you can certainly continue on this 3-step weight loss regime for the rest of your life, as you adapt to your new, healthier you, you’ll likely yearn for a stricter exercise and diet regime.

Yes, you’ll actually want a more intense regime because that’s what happens when you start to see results. Flat Belly Detox gives you that boost of results to get that momentum going.  In 21-Days, you can be an entirely different person inside and out. It just comes down to whether or not you’re ready to make little changes to achieve your goals finally, and if you are, then you know what to do.


Download Josh Houghton's Flat Belly Detox PDF

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