Children Learning Reading Review

Children Learning Reading Review

Children Learning Reading is a program that promises to help you teach your child to read in the most effective way. Learning to read is one of the most important things that a young child can learn. Not only will it help them to succeed in their academic endeavors, it will also open up a world of imagination and wonder for them when they start to read and enjoy storybooks and novels. The ability to read is a gift that keeps on giving.

The Children Learning Reading program claims that you will be able to teach your children to read, even when they are very young. The website says that children as young as three years old have learned to read with this method. According to the program, if your child has learned to speak they are old enough to start learning to read. Teaching your child to read at this age can be the key to setting them up for the most success in their future.

So, what is this program all about and is it really effective in teaching children how to read? Let’s take a look into the program and see what it has to offer.

About Children Learning Reading

The Children Learning Reading program is a very simple step by step program that is straightforward and easy to follow along with. The main goal of the program is to teach your child how to understand printed text, so that they can develop the Phonemic Awareness necessary to read fluently.

The program has simple exercises and practices that will help your child to develop their skills. This program is ideal for parents who want their child to get an early start and develop their reading skills even before they go to school. Or, it can also be great for young students who are struggling with learning to read and need a little bit of extra help. It is also a great program for parents who homeschool their children and who are taking on the role of both teacher and parent.

No matter how old your child is and how advanced they are for their age, your little one will receive numerous advantages from learning how to read at a young age.

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About The Creator of Children Learning Reading

This program was created by a man named Jim Yang, who is a reading specialist. He has developed this program to make use of various techniques which have been proven to be effective in child learning. He has a lot of experience with child development and he has compiled everything that he has learned over the years into this comprehensive teaching manual – in order to make things easier for parents.

Summary of Children Learning Reading

The program is split up into two different stages, each with a separate instruction book.The first stage of the program will help your child to develop all of the important foundational skills of learning how to read fluently. It consists of 28 lessons that will help your child to understand printed text, starting with the alphabet letters and sounds and focusing on very simple words and blending.

Then, stage two of the program will advance your child even further with extra lessons so that they can improve their reading skills even more.  There are 22 lessons in the second stage of the program and they will focus on teaching your child combinations of letters. The lessons will eventually progress to words, sentences, lesson stories and rhymes in order to increase your child’s reading fluency.

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Benefits of Children Learning Reading

Of course, the main benefit of this program is that it promises to teach your child to read more effectively. Learning to read will help your child excel in school, but that’s not all. There are numerous other benefits to your child learning to read early.

Reading helps to develop your child’s brain. The connections that their brain makes when they are reading will strengthen the links between their brain cells and will improve their mental capacity. Also, reading skills allow them to comprehend more of what they are reading, which will help them to become competent researchers who will be able to study effectively and extract information from a wide range of sources.

Plus, reading promotes greater maturity and helps to lay the basis for moral literacy. It also sparks curiosity about the world, exposes the child to a range of ideas and problem solving techniques and ignites their imagination and creativity. The world of literature will become unlocked, giving your child access to an unlimited universe of fairy tales, fantasy, drama, humour, life lessons and other wisdom in the form of novels, storybooks, poetry and more.


Teaching your child to read at a very young age could give them a significant advantage over their peers. This ability is the key to academic success, which will lead to success in the workplace and overall. Having excellent linguistic skills such as a richer vocabulary, an understanding of correct grammar, improved verbal and written communication skills, better spelling and more articulate communication will allow your child to stand out from the crowd in almost any career.

This program promises to teach you how to foster a love of reading in a child from as young as three years old. It does so in a very simple, step by step progress that any parent can follow along with. It allows you to start at your child’s level and progress naturally, so that they can achieve results at their own pace.

If you are curious about this program and want to give it a try, there is no reason not to. It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, so if it doesn’t work for your child you can always ask for a full refund. With that in mind, why not check out the program and try the techniques explained in Children Learning Reading with your own child?


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