Relationship Magic Review

Relationship Magic is an online program designed to help both men and women achieve a satisfying love life. It has different versions depending on whether you’re male or female, single or married, all of which focus on the values that you have as a person, as well as the values you wish to have within your relationship. But don’t be mistaken, this program is much more than that. In fact, it’s more like a workshop as it not only teaches you how certain things can make or break a relationship but it also provides you with activities to steer your love life in the right direction. So, whether you’re struggling in your current relationship and desperately trying to repair it or are starting out fresh, Relationship Magic can teach you the right steps to take to ensure a happy, successful and satisfying love life moving forward.

Relationship Magic Review

What is Relationship Magic About?

If you’re looking for an online program that is much more like an online workshop, you’ve come to the right place. Relationship Magic is a comprehensive relationship guide that not only provides you with valuable information that will help you achieve a satisfying love life. You also get a bunch of worksheets, activities, and step-by-step guides that help you put what you learn into action.

Relationship Magic is highly based on the values of a relationship and the values each person in the relationship has an individual. However, what separates it from the other programs is that it provides you with the exact steps to take to let those values steer you into a successful relationship.

Relationship Magic Table of Contents
The table of contents for Susan Bratton’s Relationship Magic PDF.

In addition to all the powerful relationship advice and techniques you receive in the main program, you also get a bunch of bonus programs at no additional charge! They are:

  1. Bonus: How to walk up to a beautiful stranger
  2. Bonus: How to talk to a woman and create intense chemistry
  3. Bonus: How to make your wife happy
  4. Bonus: How to talk to your husband or boyfriend about your relationship values

These bonuses are excellent extras that give you even more relationships tips and guidelines to follow.

The best part? Everything is online! So, there’s no need to wait to start taking control of your relationship and love life. All you have to do is download the content onto your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone and you’re ready to get started. This is also a huge benefit, as you’re able to access the powerful tips whenever and wherever you are! Say you’re in the local café and a cute guy (or girl) walks in and you completely forget everything you’ve learned, just pull out your phone, refresh your memory and put your newfound love expertise to the test.

Oh, and that brings me to another topic. You receive a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee when you get started. This gives you two months to try out the entire relationship guide and see what it does for your love life.

Who is the Creator of Relationship Magic?

Relationship Magic was created by Susan Bratton. She is the CEO of Personal Life Media and is a huge advocate for real love. She has helped both men and women achieve a satisfying romantic life in many ways, which has resulted in Susan receiving many awards for her expertise. She has even appeared on many prestigious media networks, such as NBC, FOX, ABC and CBS.

Quick Summary of the Relationship Magic Guide

Relationship Magic is a really unique program in the sense that it caters the information you learn to who you are and the type of situation you’re in. For example, you start by choosing whether you’re a single woman or a single man, a married woman or a married man. Then, the relationship guide you receive is customized to suit your specific desires and circumstances.

And what is that, you ask?

how to have a successful relationship

To give you a full understanding of the type of things you learn from this powerful relationship guide, let’s take a look at some of the topics covered…

  1. Compatibility vs. Relationship Values
  2. Where Did My Values Come From
  3. Why Four, Not More?
  4. What If my List Changes?
  5. One Couples Relationship Values Examples
  6. Lauren’s and Robert’s Relationship Values
  7. How to Talk about Relationship Values
  8. How to Introduce Relationship Values to a Reticent Partner
  9. How to Find “The One”
  10. Caution: Powerful Tool!
  11. Relationship Values Exercise
  12. Relationship Magic Words
  13. Relationship Magic Worksheet
  14. About the Creator
  15. Now That You Have an Ideal Romance

As you can see, you don’t just read this program; you complete it. There are many activities and worksheets included to ensure you actually learn the techniques taught to you.

Add in the several bonus programs you receive, and you’re set up with everything you need to find successful love, whether it’s with a new partner or your current one.

In Summary

Relationship Magic is much more like a relationship workshop than it is a program. You’re provided with an abundance of valuable information and techniques, but you’re also provided with activities, worksheets and step-by-step instructions that make it easy to infuse your love life with the techniques taught to you. Needless to say, it’s easy to put your newfound information into action!

And you have two months to try it out, thanks to the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee that you receive. So, you have nothing to lose! Give it a shot and see if Relationship Magic will sprinkle some of that love potion into your life.


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