Eat Stop Eat: Progressions Review

Eat Stop Eat: Progressions Review

Eat Stop Eat: Progressions is all about working out to increase your strength, as opposed to working out to increase your lifting weight – a common problem seen in today’s fitness industry. Everyone wants to lift more but that doesn’t necessarily provide the best results. In fact, many traditional workout regimes place an intense amount of unnecessary demand on your body. You lift more than you have to, thinking that you’ll see maximum results. However, that’s not how fitness or your body works. Eat Stop Eat: Progressions is going to teach you the better alternative, one that isn’t as tough on your body and one that has shown to naturally trigger your body to burn more fat and to become stronger.

About the Eat Stop Eat: Progressions Program

Before we get into the details of the program, there’s one thing you have to know. This online fitness program isn’t about working out less or not going as hard at the gym as you’re used to. You’ll still be working out hard but the difference is, you’ll be working out smarter to achieve even better results. It’s all about incremental progressions.

Now, incremental progressions is about doing smaller movements which trigger your body’s cellular signaling. This forces your body to respond in a way that burns fat and builds strength, resulting in massive fat loss and strength gain. Again, you’re still doing the workouts you love and are used to, but you’re doing them differently.

Here’s an example, you can do:

  1. 205 pounds for 9 reps
  2. 210 pounds for 7 reps
  3. 195 for 10 reps

The majority of people will choose option A or B because we’ve been tricked into thinking that the goal is to increase the amount of weight we can lift to increase your strength, which is true to a certain point. However, the correct option is C and for a variety of reasons which Eat Stop Eat: Progressions will explain to you throughout the program.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the program isn’t like the other programs that provide you with 90% information that you likely don’t care to read about, and only 10% useful information. Instead, it’s actually pretty straight-forward and straight to the point. You’re provided with what you need to change up your workout regimes, sans any fillers. This makes for an easy, enjoyable program and one that is just as easy to follow.

Additionally, you’re provided with two extra bonus programs, which are:

  • 7-Minute Fat Burning Cardio Collection
  • 3-Minute Lower Belly Flatteners

While the main program is more than enough, these bonuses are great add-ons that provide you with even more quick, effective workout regimes.

The best part? The entire program is online. As soon as you purchase Eat Stop Eat: Progressions, you can get started. You simply download the content onto your laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone and take it with you wherever you go – a huge bonus for people who like to switch up the gyms they attend or who travel regularly. Having a digital copy ensures you can also get the most out of your workouts, wherever you are.

Eat Stop Eat: Progressions PDF Dowmload
Eat Stop Eat: Progressions Member’s Dowmload Page

Since the program is online, that also means that you don’t have to pay or wait for shipping. Again, allowing you to get started right away. Add in the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee you receive when you purchase this program and you truly have nothing to lose.  Well, other than bad workout habits and an unreasonable amount of stress on your body.

About the Creator of Eat Stop Eat: Progressions

It’s always important to consider who the program was created by. After all, any Joe Blow can create a program and pop it online, claiming it to be the best workout ever. Fortunately, that’s not the case here.

Brad Pilon is the author of Eat Stop Eat: Progressions and you likely recognize his name because he is one of the top fitness gurus in the industry. He is also the author of How Much Protein, Eat Stop Eat, Good Belly Bad Belly and Thin Air which has resulted in him being hailed as one of the top experts on fasting. He also has a Master’s Degree in Applied Human Nutrition and spent years working in the supplement industry as a Research Analyst and Development Manager. So, if there’s anyone you should be taking health and fitness advice from, he’s it.

Quick Summary of the Eat Stop Eat: Progressions Program

There’s really not much detail to go over, as Eat Stop Eat: Progressions is straightforward. Most of it is broken down into pages and pages of easy-to-follow fitness charts and regimes, and since the program is about incremental progressions, most of these charts are full of numbers that pertain to the weight to lift, reps, e1RM, etc.

However, here is a sneak peek at the different parts of the program and what you can expect from each:

Eat Stop Eat: Progressions Content Page
Eat Stop Eat: Progressions Content Page

An Introduction to Pilon’s Progressions

This is a great chapter to read if you want more information about incremental progressions and what they’ll do for your workout and progress. It’s also a great chapter to read if you’re unsure as to how lifting less (but with more reps) provides better results.

How to use the Progressions

This portion of the program provides a breakdown of how to use progressions, along with different techniques to execute and steps to follow to get the most out of your gym sessions.

Example of Progressions Chart in Use

Here you’ll find a printable chart which shows you, in numeric and easy-to-read format, how to use progressions. It lists the sample exercise to do for each date, along with the weight in pounds, repetitions, and e1RM.

Many useful tips are also provided in this section.

Pilon’s Progressions (Pounds Version)

This portion of the program provides you with an abundance of charts that will serve as your guide to incremental progressions. For example, you follow the weight in pounds, repetitions, and e1RM listed and slowly progress through the chart. It goes up to 500 pounds, so certainly you’ll find where you’re at on the chart and can progress from there.

Pilon’s Progressions (Kilogram Version)

These charts are the same as the prior, only the information is displayed in kilograms.

Brad’s Workout

Here you’ll find the incremental progressions workout plan the author himself follows. This is a more detailed than the prior and breaks down your gym days for you. There are three different levels you can start at – one that’s basic but effective, one for advanced training, and one for experienced strength.

There’s also an additional regime for super abbreviated but more frequent progressions, and sample weeks to follow.

The Verdict

Top that up with the two extra bonuses you receive at no extra charge and the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, and you have nothing to lose.  The choice is completely yours. You can either continue to work out the way you are, or you can choose to work out smarter and to see better results. If your choice is the latter, than you know what to do.


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