Vert Shock Review

Vert Shock Review

Vert Shock is here to take your dunking game to the next level. Created by the world’s highest dunker, Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington and pro basketball player, Adam Folker, this program teaches you the skills, tips and tricks to landing the perfect jump shot. So, if you ever wondered how your favorite basketball stars got so good at vertical jumps, you’re about to find out. But don’t be mistaken, Vert-Shock isn’t just about adding 9-15 inches to your vertical jump. It’s about improving your game as a whole, by adding in the secrets the pros use to train. So, whether you’re an aspiring basketball playing hoping to land it in the NBA or simply want to improve your basketball skills, you need Vert-Shock.

What is the Vert Shock Program About?

Everyone can relate to seeing a basketball move that completely stuns them. Whether it’s a jump shot in a big game or a trick dunk in a dunking competition, these are the kinds of moves that instantly become a viral sensation – the ones that leave you wondering, how the heck did he do that? Well, the Vert-Shock is the answer.

This online program teaches you the real tips, tricks and training needed to improve your jump shot. There’s no crazy gimmicks – no Flubber or space jam, Air Alert or specialty shoes – just hard work.

Since it is online, you can access Vert-Shock as soon as you purchase it. So, there’s no need to wait for shipping or wait to improve your jump shot. You just download the content onto your laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone and get started.

Now, let’s get into the details a bit more. Vert Shock focuses on movements that trigger what’s called fast twitch fibers (or Type 2 B Fibers) which are responsible for creating those fast, explosive jumps. So, instead of focusing on typical jump training movements and regimes, you receive breakthrough exercises specific to explosive plyometric training that directly targets these fibers to provide you fast and efficient results. Or rather, a higher, bigger and better dunk or jump.

The best part is that this unique training system provided by the pros reduces the risk of injury – huge bonus, while also cutting down training time. This allows you to improve your skills and heal before the next big game.

Vert Shock is split into three different phases:

  1. Pre-Shock Phase
  2. Shock Phase
  3. Post-Post Phase

In order to add up to 9 to 15 inches to your vertical jump, it’s important to follow each phase correctly and precisely, which is fairly easy to do since everything is laid out for you.

exercises that helps you to jump higher

Who are the Creators of Vert Shock?

Vert-Shock was created by two of the professionals within their respective fields. The first is Adam Folker, a professional basketball player who is a dunking sensation. He not only played for the University of California Irvine and worked with some of the best trainers in the world but he is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

The second creator is Justin ‘Just Fly’ Darlington who was named the #1 dunker in the world on several different occasions. When he isn’t perfecting his jump shots, he’s breaking high jump records and training NBA players. So, if there are any two guys you want to learn how to improve your vertical jump from, it’s these two.

Overview of the Vert Shock Program

Vert Shock is an incredibly comprehensive guide. After all, it has to be in order to add 9 to 15 inches to your vertical jump. So, I decided to give you a sneak peek at what you can expect when you start this program.

Quick Start Guide

The guide start guide provides you with three steps to follow to ensure you complete the program successfully. It tells you which weeks to move onto which phases and how long you should be in each phase.

Phase One: Pre-Shock Phase

The first phase starts off with a list of things to remember before getting started to ensure you maximize your results while doing so without risking injury. So, make sure you read everything carefully before getting started.

The best part is, of course, the step-by-step instructions. The phase separates each day with specific movements, sets, reps and rest periods to do. Think horizontal bounds and tuck jumps, uphill sprints and lateral high jumps.

Phase Two: Shock Phase

Phase two – Shock Phase – is similar to the first phase, only seriously “turnt up”. You still receive the day-by-day regime to follow, only it’s more intense than the first phase. You’re also in this phase for 7 weeks but every day is different which is refreshing.

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Phase Three: Post-Shock Phase

The third phase – post-shock phase – is for week 8, and it’s even more intense than the prior. However, by this point, you’ll already be seeing huge progress. So, these movements and exercise regime push you just a little bit further to really reach your peak. Pardon the pun.

You also receive Exercise Videos, Visualization (workout to do 4-5 times a week for 5 to 10 minutes), as well as a Vert Tracker (for progress) and a Maintenance Program to keep your vertical jump thriving.

It doesn’t end there! You also get some bonus content:

  • 4 Things Killing Your Vertical
  • 5 Dirty Secrets to Jumping Higher
  • Jumpers Diet Checklist

The Verdict

As you can see, Vert-Shock isn’t just a program that teaches you the movements to do to improve your jump shot. It’s a thorough fitness regime, designed specifically for people wanting to perfect their game. While the workout portion is a huge component, you also receive information about the mistakes to avoid making, a diet plan to follow, recommended by pro dunkers, and all the tools you need to continue improving your vertical jump even after you’ve completed the program.

Considering all of that and the fact that you’re basically receiving professional basketball training from professional basketball players, there’s no better way to take your game to the next level. Whether you’re hoping to be scouted or simply want to be better at the game you love, Vert Shock is the way to do just that. Plus, with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, you can’t go wrong.


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