Old School New Body Reviews

Old School New Body Reviews

Old School New Body is bringing people over 40 back to their youthful days by nothing more than getting in proper nutrients and age-specific exercises. Once you pass the age of 40, your body changes. The foods you eat suddenly make you gain weight and the exercises you’ve been doing for the past 20 years no longer have the same effects as they did. It sucks but it’s reality. The older you get, the harder it is to stay fit. Studies have shown that your body actually ages 6 months extra for every year that passes without you receiving proper nutrients and exercise. What’s worse is that 90% of people over the age of 35 lose enough muscle every year to shed 4 pounds of stubborn fat. So, needless to say, the older you get, the more age-specific your health and fitness regime needs to be.

What is Old School New Body About?

The entire Old School New Body system is designed to reverse the signs of aging to look and feel significantly younger than you are. There’s no weird supplements or foreign gimmicks to try either. It’s all about tapping into what your body needs on a cellular level with five key principles, and it only takes 90 minutes a week. I know; it sounds too good to be true but once you start reading through the comprehensive guide, it’ll all start to make sense.

Your body simply requires different treatment as you age. To put it into perspective, running on a treadmill for an hour when you were 20 likely made you feel like a million bucks but doing the same thing at age 40 can make you feel like you got hit by a truck. Now, that’s not to say that you can’t work out as hard; you just have to work out differently. The system provides a F4X Training system that’s carefully designed with four specific exercises that will help you achieve and maintain your weight loss and fitness goals.

The same can be said about foods. Within the program, you’re provided with an ageless nutrition plan that’s catered around anti-aging secrets and protocols. This is crucial because you know you can’t eat the way you did in your 20s but you’ve been doing it all this time, you don’t know where to start with the changes. Well, now you know as the program shows you exactly what to do and why.

It’s also completely online. So, as soon as you make the purchase, you can download the content right to your computer, smartphone, laptop or tablet. This allows you to access the program anytime and anywhere, which instantly takes care of all those excuses we like to make.

To put it simply, everything you learn helps you achieve and maintain a healthy physic with sensible eating and effective workout strategies designed for people over the age of 35. It includes an exercise plan, nutrition strategies, routines and much more.

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Who are the Creators of Old School New Body?

Steve and Becky Holman are the creators of Old School New Body and everything you’ve put into the system was learned from one of the most famous Hollywood trainers, Vince Gironda, of the 60s, 70s and 80s. After his passing, they stored some of his belongings, including his exact workouts and methods he used to train big stars for all those years. The key is that these methods were used by people of all ages, sans muscle aches and pains. This is when the creators discovered the secrets to health and fitness as you get older which has allowed Vince Gironda’s presence to live on in a new generation.

Brief Overview of the Old School New Body Program

There’s no shortage of content when it comes to the program. It would be impossible for me to get into the details of every chapter. Instead, I’m going to break down the different downloads of the program you help you understand what you can expect.

Old School New Body E-Book

This is the main portion of the program, where you learn everything from the F4X system and how it turns fat into muscle, what workouts to do for a 20-minute belly fat workout, along with tips for joint rejuvenation, motivation, cardio, diet, supplements, alcohol, etc.

Each chapter has an abundance of information that teaches you exactly what you need to do to achieve your health and fitness goals, and what you can expect from doing so. It also has tons of workout plans and tips, along with detailed photos and instructions. So, if you’re new to this whole working out thing, don’t worry. This program is incredibly easy to follow.

You even get 3 daily diet plans (plus lean meal alternatives), along with tons of nutritional facts, which gives you an idea of where your eating habits need to change.

F4X Quick Start Workout Guide

Just as the name reads, this is a quick start guide for the workout systems you learn in the main portion of the program. More importantly, this is where the weekly workout plan can be found, detailed with steps, sets, reps and pictures. You can even print the pages out and track your progress right on the sheets.

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Special Report: Ultimate Fat Burning Secrets

This special report includes a ton of facts, stats and tips to help you burn more fat. All the information is backed up with reputable studies and science.

Special Report: Ultimate Muscle-Building Secrets

This special report includes a ton of facts, stats and tips to help build muscle as you age. All the information is backed up with reputable studies and science.

Special Report: Ultimate Sex and Anti-Aging Secrets

Same as the prior, this is where you find all kinds of facts, stats and tips to enhancing your sex life while decreasing your aging. Again, everything is backed by reputable studies and science.

Special Report: Ultimate Health and Happiness Secrets

And you guessed it; this is the same as the two previous portions only detailed towards health and happiness.

The Verdict

You also receive 4 bonus audio files of interviews with reputable people within the health and fitness industry, plus $10 off (plus a free pack) of uncured and sugar-free bacon, and a free copy of How to Reverse Arthritis naturally.  All of that with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, you really can’t go wrong. If you’re serious about achieving and maintaining your health and fitness goals, you know what you need to do! Purchase Old School New Body today.


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