Mindful Body Program Review

Mindful Body Program Review

Mindful Body Program is designed to turn your body’s natural fat-burning mechanism on. Now, this might be a little confusing at first because when you think of mindful, you likely think of yogis doing meditation. However, mindfulness relates to the quality or state of being aware or conscious of something. So, you can be mindful with your diet or mindful with your health or mindful with your exercise regime. In fact, you can do everything and everything mindfully because it’s simply the process of make conscious decisions and actions. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, let’s find out.

About the Mindful Body Program

Mindful Body Program is all about breaking your bad eating habits, simply by becoming more mindful or rather, more aware and conscious of the things you put in your body which stems straight from ancient rituals. It sounds simple and in all reality, it really is. But don’t be fooled. With the stress and craziness of the modern world, mindfulness doesn’t come easily. It takes time, patience and a good instructor, which is exactly what you’re provided with within Mindful Body Program.

Now, you might be thinking that you are already mindful with your diet but just think about how many times you reached your hand into a chip bag for a small handful, only to end up eating the whole bag? We’ve all done it and that’s because the brain is stuck on autopilot. You are so used to doing certain things, such as eating, that you don’t even have to think about doing it. It just happens and this can lead to bad habits.

The Mindful Body Program is designed to put an end to being on autopilot when you’re eating. It’s designed to teach you how to be aware of every bite you take so that, for example, when you’re full, you actually notice instead of eating and eating until you’re in a food coma. Mindfulness can also help you fight off temptations, stimulate motivation, turn on your metabolism and much more.

But how, you ask?

By learning how to listen to your body and be conscious of your actions, you can finally adjust your eating habits, workout regime and lifestyle to coincide with your weight loss goals. Instead of just going through everyday life like you always have, you will finally be in control of your hunger, cravings and appetite because you will be aware.

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Within the Mindful Body Program, you receive various videos, from introductory content to tips for beginners, mindful eating instructions, how to find happiness, how to calm anxiety and cravings and much more. The majority of the program is video which is great because it’s exceptionally easy to follow along. And since the program is online, you can choose to either bookmark the website or download it onto your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. It’s entirely up to you, but being able to access the program’s content whenever and wherever you are comes with obvious benefits.

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There are also written instructions to help you get started, and this is where you also receive the 4-Week plan on how to mindfully achieve your weight loss and health goals. Oh, and did I forget to mention that research has shown that it only takes 21 days to form a habit. So, all you need is the 4-Week program provided and you’re good to go? You better believe it!

About the Creator of Mindful Body Program

Mindful Body Program was created by Leah Santa Cruz who has been religiously following and teaching this powerful and all-natural weight loss method for years. In fact, she’s been a believer in this regime inspired by ancient rituals since she was a little kid and felt a deep connection to nature. After struggling with depression and becoming addicted to her medication, Leah finally started to practice mindfulness to achieve optimal health – mentally, emotionally and physically. Throughout her mindful practice, she quickly realizes that you didn’t have to self-sabotage, restrict or limit yourself just to achieve your goals. You just have to be aware.

Brief Summary of the Mindful Body Program

To put it simply, the Mindful Body Program is an online video series that teaches you how to become more mindful to achieve your health goals, whether physical, emotional or mental. There are some written instructions as well. So, to give you a better understanding of what you receive with this program, I’ve decided to break down the topics covered.

Written Instructions

Within the written instructions, you receive the 4-Week regime to follow, all perfectly laid out for you in a calendar. You can view it online, print it or simply jot down the regime on your own calendar, depending on your preference.

Aside from the 4-Week program, you also receive content on:

  • How to continue after the 4 weeks are done
  • Journaling
  • Mindful eating exercises

mindful weight loss method

Video Series

As mentioned, the true power of the program is found within the video series, which you will follow through as the 4-Week Program recommends. Here are the topics covered:

  • Course Introduction
  • How Meditation Can Help You Lose Weight
  • How to Meditate in this Course
  • Finding Happiness Now – Meditation
  • Mindful Eating – Meditation
  • Calming Anxiety and Cravings – Meditation
  • Breaking Free from Unhealthy Habits – Meditation
  • Letting Go of the Weight – Meditation
  • Creating the Ideal You – Meditation
  • Benefits of Meditation
  • Leah’s Story
  • Top Tips for Beginners
  • Signs You’re Benefiting
  • Myths About Meditation

And you get all of that with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, and since the program is designed for 4-weeks, you have plenty of time to get started and see if this is something you’d wish to continue with. However, you simply can’t go wrong with a program that increases the health of your mind, especially when it comes with the added benefits of losing weight and/or achieving your health and fitness goals.

The Verdict

It’s no secret that the mind is a powerful place. People often say “Mind over matter” because with the right mindset, you can achieve anything. So, if you’re ready to get your mind on the right track, the Mindful Body Program is definitely the way to do just that.


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