Sue Heintze’s The Beta Switch Review

Sue Heintze's The Beta Switch Review

The Beta Switch is a 117-page program that will help you bust stubborn fat and cellulite, using effective, natural methods. Focusing on the power of your body’s beta receptors, you will be able to lose weight without needing to follow any fad diet — or even count calories! This 12-week program will help you achieve noticeable results in just one week, as you reshape your body for good.

The Beta Switch is a unique fat-burning program, one that will help you transform your body and life. Specifically designed for women, you will learn why you gain weight, as well as why it’s so hard to lose stubborn fat and cellulite. Once you better understand the processes involved, you can intervene through diet and exercise.

About The Beta Switch Program

Unlike alpha receptors, which cause weight gain, beta receptors help you burn off stubborn fat. This program will help you alter how your body functions in terms of hormones, your metabolism, and much more. In turn, you will naturally work with your body, as it supports a healthier weight and long-term positive health.

Stop storing fat today, actively working towards your dream body. Best of all, you won’t need to sacrifice the foods you love. Backed by science, you can feel confident in Sue’s approach, as you become a new and improved version of yourself. In just 12 weeks, you’ll be in better shape than you could have ever imagined.

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About the Creator of The Beta Switch

When Sue Heintze was younger, she struggled with body image issues. She was always trying the latest fad diets, only to find that they didn’t really help. These diets left her feeling exhausted, as she became trapped in the cycle of yo-yo dieting. Today, she understands what it takes, becoming a successful fitness figure. Working with women of all body shapes, she helps them understand what it takes to unlock your body’s fat-burning potential. Based on the tips provided in the program, you too will be able to achieve your dream body.

What’s Included within The Beta Switch?

  • Sue’s Story — Although Sue is in great shape, she has always struggled with the cellulite on her thighs. Anytime she gained a bit of weight, that stubborn cellulite would return. After struggling with body image issues for years, following dangerous yo-yo diets. Now, in her 40s, she is in the best shape of her life.
  • What’s The Beta Switch — In order to follow this program, you need to understand the power of adrenergic receptors. As you learn about alpha and beta receptors, you quickly see how they influence your body shape. There’s a direct link between various hormone levels and your beta switch, which is why you need to do things that keep your beta switch ON.
  • What Is Stubborn Fat and Cellulite? — We can all relate to what fat and cellulite is, but within this section, you will learn how it forms. More importantly, you’ll understand why it is so hard to lose.
  • Your Own ‘Stubborn Fat Set Point’ and How to Influence It — Highly comprehensive, this portion of the program focuses on your individual cellulite and fat set point. Everyone is unique, which is why it’s important to understand certain aspects of your metabolism, hormones, and fat-burning receptors. Providing some scientifically supported tips, such as the importance of lean muscle mass, exercise, balanced hormones, and ‘convenience’ foods.
  • Why Do We Get Stubborn Fat? — If you have ever wondered why it’s so easy to gain weight, but so challenging to lose it, this is the chapter for you. Focusing on four key factors, including Toxic Overload, The Estrogen Factor, Liver Dysfunction, and Blood Acidity, Sue goes into great detail so that you actively make changes.
  • What is the Solution to Combat Stubborn Fat? — Offering four main tips, you will unlock some of the solutions to your stubborn fat. When you follow these suggestions, you will lose weight and improve your overall wellness.
  • 22 Super-Foods That Fight Stubborn Fat — This is the perfect list to stick to your fridge, helping to guide your choices. When you begin to include some or all of these foods into your regular diet, you will naturally begin to lose weight. Best of all, these foods are delicious. Enjoy options such as berries, avocado, and eggs.
  • The Beta Switch Nutri-Active Diet Program — Being the core of this program, Sue has broken down this section into various sub-sections, so that it’s easier to understand and follow. Full of step-by-step information, you will see ‘dieting’ in a whole new light. Everything you would possibly need to know is offered here, including the 12-week schedule, detoxification meals, and even the importance of ‘splurge’ days.

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How Can I Benefit From the Beta Switch?

When you achieve your dream body, you bet you’ll feel confident and sexy. The only problem is, you’ve been trying for as long as you can remember, without achieving results.

When you invest in the program, you will gain instant access to life-changing tips and routines. As you learn to work with your body, giving it the tools it needs, it will reward you will a slimmer, more toned figure. Backed by science, as long as you remain motivated and on-track, you will lose weight. In fact, you will begin to see results in as little as a week, and within 12 weeks, you will feel like a whole new woman.

Sue does an incredible job of really connecting with the reader, making you feel like you’re experiencing one-on-one coaching with someone who gets where you’re coming from. Like you, Sue has experienced struggles when it comes to body issues — so she knows exactly how to help.

Not only will you receive this in-depth manual, but you’ll also gain instant access to incredible bonus materials, including a guide to supplementation, a quick-start guide, a diet tracker, and motivational stories from other women, just like you! This program is the total package, and as long as you’re willing to take back control of your body and health, you will see results.

In Conclusion

With its 60-day money back guarantee, The Beta Switch can truly help you change your life — risk-free! Just imagine, being able to achieve the type of body you desire in just 12 weeks! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, so be sure to order The Beta Switch today!


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