The Big Diabetes Lie Review

The Big Diabetes Lie Review

The Big Diabetes Lie is a 456-page guide that represents over 100 years of research. Focusing on scientifically proven methods to help you prevent, reverse, and even cure disease without the use of heavy medications or surgery. If you have diabetes, this will be of particular interest to you. Fight for your health and improve your life today!

The Big Diabetes Lie is exactly as it sounds. For years, we have been fed copious amounts of information in relation to pharmaceuticals and the ‘healing’ process of our bodies. The only problem is, in many ways, conventional medicine is making us sick. We are ignoring the power of nutrition, which is what this guide encourages — the power of food. As a diabetic, you need to take action that will support you and your well-being, not line the pockets of pharmaceutical companies.

About The Big Diabetes Lie

The Diabetes Lie was created out of a need and a right, a right to positive health. Research continues to pill as drug manufacturers search for the perfect cure or magic pill, but the truth is, the research already shows the cure to most diseases, including diabetes. Your diet is more powerful than any medication and you do have more control than you believe.

Although you will learn so much valuable information within this guide, the most rewarding component is the 30-day diabetes plan. It can and will change your life. Focusing on foods that can either heal or further destroy your body, as long as you stick to Max’s exact protocol, you will achieve the results you seek.

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About the author: Max Sidorov is a nutritionist, as well as a head researcher. Led by his strict moral compass, Max specializes in diabetes, insulin and blood sugar. He wants to share the secrets behind true health and the possibilities of positive well-being — something which pharmaceutical companies have long covered up. He has been featured on CNN, Fox News, Daily Mail, CBC, and more.

What’s Included within The Big Diabetes Lie?

Within the introduction, you will begin to reconsider everything you’ve been told. Why is it that you’re taking all these medications, yet you’re still sick? You quickly learn that although there’s a pill for just about everything, these quick-fix solutions simply mask symptoms, they do not address the underlying condition.

At the end of the day, medical doctors are not trained in nutrition. They are trained in the power of drugs — and it’s making us deteriorate at an alarming rate. Rates of type 2 diabetes have skyrocketed, now affecting children as young as 3 or 4. We need to address our lifestyles and the foods we eat in order to achieve desirable results.

After an introduction regarding harmful processed foods, chapter one highlights refined carbs — you know, flour, cookies, and other foods that are low in key nutrients. By chapter 2, Max focuses on high fructose corn syrup — a highly processed, highly toxic sweetener that is found in anything from sodas to sweetened yogurt.

This leads into chapter 3, one of the largest culprits of them all — artificial sweeteners. These are pumped into ‘sugar-free’ products, wreaking havoc on the human body. Multiple studies have shown that consumption of these sweeteners, actually changes your body’s ability to regulate intake naturally — tricking your brain, causing weight gain and other harmful symptoms.

Speaking of weight gain, chapter 4 showcases one of the biggest lies — fat makes us fat. The truth is, our bodies and brain need fat in order to survive and thrive, yet we’re consuming far too many unhealthy sources, including vegetable oils, margarine and copious amounts of trans fat.

Chapter 6 then discusses commercially produced, pasteurized dairy products. Unfortunately, unlike raw milk from grass-fed cows, pasteurized milk comes from sick cows, who are pumped full of hormones and antibiotics, not to mention BGH, which not only increases milk production, but also utter infections.

Within chapter 7, the mystery surrounding GMO soy is unveiled. In less than 15 years, soy sales increased from $300 to nearly $4 billion. You can find this ingredient in anything from burgers to cheese, and marketing teams within these companies have done an excellent job pushing their products. The reality is, unfermented soy can affect everything from immune function to reproduction.

Next, chapter 8 focuses on one of the largest factors in terms of our deteriorating health — soft drinks and juices. Full of aspartame, caffeine, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial flavors, soft drinks have been linked to a wide range of studies, especially in relation to diabetes.

Throughout chapters 9-20, this guide continues to provide in-depth information relating to anything from animal proteins and farm-raised fish, to healthier options, such as organic dark leaf greens, raw unprocessed nuts, and bee pollen. The best part of all — this is only part 1.

Part 2 examines illness and disease prevention, including the leading causes of death, the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs, and even propaganda tactics. Once you reach page 398, you will have built a foundation of knowledge for yourself, helping you kick off, Your 7 Steps to Health.

For those with diabetes, pages 408 to 456 are a MUST read. Everything you could possibly ever want or need to know is written within this section, helping you regain control of your life. From the foods you should eat to a foolproof 30-day protocol, you will experience real improvements.

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Benefits of The Big Diabetes Lie

You know what they say, health is wealth — and in this case, Your 7 Steps to Health – The Big Diabetes Lie, will help you focus on what really matters. The greatest benefit of this guide is your opportunity to improve your health, once and for all. You no longer need to live your life sick, you can take action!

In addition to this program, you will also benefit from a wide range of bonus material, such as:

  • Big Heart Disease Lie and Big Cancer Lie eBooks
  • Total Health System
  • Turbo Health Package
  • Personal Power Pack
  • And more!

In Conclusion

This program could not only change your life, but save it. Change your lifestyle to improve your health. With the 100% money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose, see for yourself and order today.


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