Reading Head Start Review


Reading Head Start Review

Reading Head Start will help you teach your child how to read, allowing them to build key life skills and self-confidence. This encourages success in the years to follow, as children who participate in the program often read at a level 2-4 years older than them. With thousands of hours worth of reading, lessons are organized based on varying skills levels.

Reading Head Start is an online platform, packed full of learning opportunities. Designed for children of all ages (with a focus on those between the ages of two and nine), this program has received global recognition. Education is the key to success, and when children are provided an opportunity to develop, they can reach new heights!

About Reading Head Start

If your child is between the ages of one and nine, they will be able to experience reading in a whole new light. This is even true for children who show zero interest in reading. Long gone are the days of expensive tutors — now all you need is Reading Head Start. Children experience a program that is not only rewarding and encouraging, but gratifying as well.

The program itself is engaging, helping children overcome any fear or boredom associated with reading. Once lessons are completed, they receive a digital certificate, boosting their self-esteem. Although this system offers a new approach, offering sounds to make reading easier, it is the design that makes it so rewarding. Parents can get involved, supporting their child’s learning process.

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About The Creator of the Program

Sarah Shepard is not only a mom, but a teacher. After teaching for 14+ years, she created a system that utilizes a very special reading method. Her six-year-old had come home one day with a poor English grade, which motivated her to take action. She wanted her children and thousands of other children to get the best possible start in life. Reading is an essential skill, which is why Sarah developed this scientifically-verified program.

What’s Included with Reading Head Start?

Once you invest in this program, you and your children will gain instant access to the Reading Head Start online platform. This means that you can access the material via a computer, tablet, or even your smartphone. This flexibility makes reading more accessible and more fun! Whether you’re at grandma’s house or a friend’s, your child can complete their lesson.

You will immediately see various options, including Lessons, Tools, Decodable Books, and My Account. The Welcome page will help navigate you, offering information on this program’s 40-week structure. Depending on your child’s skill level, that is where they will begin.

For example, within weeks 1-5, children will focus on basic phonological awareness and letter sounds; whereas children participating in weeks 16-20, will complete letter sounds and letter writing, learn about word-form recognition, and continue learning about irregular words. Each lesson builds off the last, allowing children to develop core skills based on advanced understanding.

When clicking on the ‘Lessons’ tab, you will immediately see four skill levels — offering ten lessons at each level. With 40 weeks total, children look forward to their next interactive assignment. This well-designed structure is what guides parents, as they help their children develop core skills.

By completing various lessons, children are able to track their progress. This self-recognition is another benefit, supporting their growing self-esteem. In order to support various lessons, tools are also provided. These include Picture Cards, Letter Cards, Letter Formation, Sounds Out Cards, Irregular Word Cards, and Advanced Phonics Cards.

When clicking on week one, for instance, there will be five lessons in total. This is the same design throughout weeks 2-40. When completing each lesson, children complete exercises and activities. This makes the learning experience more fun — and more rewarding! The results can truly be life-changing, supporting a child’s skill set throughout their school years.

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The Benefits of Reading Head Start

The platform itself is incredibly easy to navigate, even for children! All lessons and worksheets are easy to access, helping your child track their progress. This instant gratification is important, helping to build your child’s self-esteem and self-confidence. New activities and worksheets are added on a regular basis, so your child will never become bored!

There is a reason why over 5 million families have already used this method — it works! In that sense, your child’s newfound skill will be the greatest benefit they’ll experience. In addition, you will be able to spend quality time with one another, even if you’re a busy family! If you have more than one child, there is unlimited access for everyone in your household! This means that everyone can get involved, supporting educational development and family relationships.

All you need is 15 minutes a day, three days a week. During those rewarding moments, your child will learn what they are truly capable of — and as a parent, this is an amazing experience. Since this program comes with a money back guarantee, you will also gain peace-of-mind.

Award-winning and certified, Reading Head Start will eliminate the need for expensive tutors or developmental delays. And that in itself is worth the investment. Your child can become a leader in their classroom — and you can teach them how. Become more hands-on with your child’s willingness to learn, utilizing the guidance of Reading Head Start. The results will shock you.

In Conclusion

Whether you want to start the free trial or invest in lifetime access, there are numerous options available. Time and time again, this program has been named the most effective, most kid-loved reading system available. Both teachers and parents love it because children are engaged and excited to read. This makes all the difference!

It is time to unlock your child’s reading skills, supporting their success for many years to come. Order Reading Head Start to kickstart your child’s potential, allowing them to become the student, you know that they can be!


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