Meredith Shirk’s Beach Belly Review

Meredith Shirk's Beach Belly Review

Beach Belly is a weight loss regime, designed specifically for women just like you. It’s astonishing how many fad diets, weight loss pills and fat reduction voodoo spells are created by men, all of which never work. The reality is, a woman’s body is nothing like a man’s. Everything from the physical, mental and emotional aspects of a woman couldn’t be any more opposite to that of a man’s. Just think about how women store weight in comparison to men; men get the beer belly, woman get the love handles.

To put it simply, we are different. A weight loss system that works for men isn’t going to work near as well for women. However, not all women are created equally. A 20-year old young lady is going to have a significantly easier time losing weight than women over 35 because our bodies change over time. So, in order to actually lose weight for good, you need a program that’s specific to your gender and age group, and if you’re a woman over 35, this is it.

What is the Beach Belly Program About?

Despite the name, the Beach Belly program isn’t some gimmicky “get skinny in 3 days” system. We all know those don’t provide sustainable results!

Instead, this program is a weight loss system for women over 35, and one that has been designed specifically for pre or currently menopausing women and with the anatomy of a female’s body in mind. With the Beach Belly, you can drop up to 22 pounds right away but more importantly, it’s a program you can continue for the rest of your life to further your results.

So, let’s get into the details.

female hormone imbalance causing weight gain

This program is highly focused on the menstruation molecules that confuse your body. Isn’t that the truth? By learning how these molecules affect the body, you’re able to discover natural fat burning tips and regimes that will turn off these monstrous menstruation molecules, so you can actually see results. Again, something you’d never learn from a unisex weight loss program or random system created by a man.

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To be more specific, you receive online access to the program as soon as you make the purchase. This allows you to get started right away. You can download the content onto your laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone, and complete it at your leisure. What is that content, you ask? Here are the titles of the eBooks provided to give you a better understanding of the system as a whole:

  • Quick Start Guide
  • 15-Day Flat Belly Blueprint for Women
  • Begin Burning Belly Fat in Just 12 Hours
  • Strip Away Belly Fat in Just 4 Minutes
  • 100 Belly Blasting Green Smoothies

I know what you’re thinking, “I thought you said this wasn’t a ‘get fit fast’ program!” And it’s not. Yes, there are several tips you can execute to start burning fat RIGHT NOW but the difference is that you’re always provided with everything you need to use the Beach Belly program moving forward.

About the Author of Beach Belly

Meredith Shirk is just like you and I. She’s a mom and wife but what makes her so valuable is that she has the experience and results we’ve all been searching. In fact, Meredith has spent the past 10 years helping women lose that stubborn weight any of us struggle with. So much so that she is now the leading female fat loss expert.

Summary of the Beach Belly Program

Beach Belly program is a comprehensive program that shows you exactly what to do to lose that stubborn belly fat. To give you an inside peek at what you can expect, here’s what you’ll find in the various sections:

Quick Start Guide

The quick start guide gives you a quick breakdown of what to do to get started right now. It even has a maximizing template that shows you what to do every day for the next two weeks. This is also where you’ll find the exact steps to take to maximize your results, including a cheat sheet that you can print out to ensure you stay on track.

15-Day Flat Belly Blueprint for Women

This is where you’ll find a day-by-day layout of what to do to see results from the program. You receive a ton of information on why Beach Belly works, along with recipes for detox water, shopping lists, recipes, menstruation systems and what to do about them – you name it.

Begin Burning Belly Fat in Just 12 Hours

In this section, you learn the 12-hour routine you can follow to immediately start eliminating your body of toxins. By doing so, you’ll also be improving your metabolism, shedding weight, strengthening your immune system, fighting off signs of aging and much more.

balancing female hormones weight loss

Strip Away Belly Fat in Just 4 Minutes

This portion of the program is a video library that provides you with all the workouts you need to do to shed belly fat. You can download the workout guide and receive access to the guide for “off-days”.

100 Belly Blasting Green Smoothies

Just as the name reads, this is where you get a ton of recipes for fat burning – and healthy – green smoothies. Every recipe comes with clear steps and instructions, as well as the benefits that follow each.

You also receive three bonuses when you start the Beach Belly program, such as:

  1. Free copy of the Fat Loss Workout DVD
  2. Blast Belly Fat 99 Weight Loss Recipes
  3. What Coconut Oil Really Does Guide

The Verdict

The program also comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. So, the only thing you risk losing is weight! If you decide that it’s not for you, which would be shocking because the system is incredibly easy to follow, then you can opt for a refund. However, if you’re serious about finally shedding that stubborn belly fat, Beach Belly is the way to do it – and you’ll have fun doing it too!

So, start the system today. In 15 days, you could see amazing results. It’s just up to you as to whether or not you’re ready to make a change.


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