Yoga Burn Booty Challenge Review

Yoga Burn Booty Challenge Review

Yoga Burn Booty Challenge is the program that is actually going to give you the butt you want – and just in time for summer. It’s a unique online fitness regime that incorporates specific yoga moves that target the three major muscle groups in your booty, so you get the lift, strengthening and toning you want. But let’s be honest, it’s also much more than that and the best part of all is that you can get the perfect bum just in time to have some fun in the sun! So, grab your bikinis, ladies. It’s time to turn some heads and embrace your backside.

About the Yoga Burn Booty Challenge Program

Don’t’ let the ‘yoga’ in the name of this online program fool you. While all the exercise regimes provided involve yoga movements, the program is going to give you a lot more sweat than it is zen. But of course, you’re still going to receive the relaxation benefits, increased energy and increased metabolism that comes from working out.

Yoga Burn Booty Challenge is an online fitness program, designed exclusively for women who are looking to lift, shape, strengthen and tone their backside. The entire system is highly focused on proper progressions to ensure continuous results. This is a huge benefit, as most fitness programs, such as generic fitness classes completely forget that progressions are needed to avoid plateauing with your results.  So, Yoga Burn Booty Challenge has infused each workout with three phases, with each creating the foundation for the next. They are:

  • Priming Phase
  • Activate Phase
  • Pump Phase
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I will explain what each of these means in just a moment. However, in every phase, you’ll be targeting the three major muscles in your booty to ensure a plumper butt and not just thicker thighs. While thick thighs certainly aren’t a bad thing, traditional sweats and leg presses actually do more for your thighs than they do your butt which often provides results that aren’t proportional. By involved these three different phases, along with the specific movements that target the butt, you can receive a flawless backside that flows into your legs.

But that’s not all. Yoga Burn Booty Challenge also provides an increase in flexibility and strength, a boost in metabolism, along with all the healthy benefits that come with regular exercise. The only difference is that it’s targeted movements designed specifically for your butt.

I also can’t forget to mention that the program provides you with a complete four-week progression series. Now, this doesn’t mean that it’s only a regime for four weeks but rather, it’s a system that progresses you each week. So, you can continue with the program well beyond four weeks. Each workout also takes no more than 15 minutes to ensure even the busiest of boss babes can work out and get a better butt.

Yoga Burn Booty Challenge is an online program, meaning you can get started as soon as you purchase. You can choose to have a digital or physical copy of the workouts or both.  The choice is completely yours and it simply depends on what your preference is. However, having digital copies of this system is a huge advantage, as you can complete the workouts whenever and wherever you are. You just download the content onto your laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet, and get started.

About the Author of Yoga Burn Booty Challenge

The author of this amazing butt-boosting program is Zoe-Bray Cotton, an internationally certified fitness trainer, yoga instructor and female transformation specialist. She’s highly renowned within the yoga and fitness industries, and is a woman that’s for women! She’s all about supporting other women and helping them achieve their goals, and her passion and expertise for doing just that can be seen well throughout the Yoga Burn series, including the Burn Booty Challenge.

Brief Summary of the Yoga Burn Booty Challenge Program

The program comes with a video for each week (four weeks in total), each of which is highly focused on progression which means week one creates the foundation for week two, and so on and so forth. This ensures continuous results and a better butt each week.

To give you a better understanding of what you receive in each week, here’s a breakdown of each phase that is included in every exercise:

yoga for bigger buttocks

Stage One: Priming

The first part of the exercises is all about priming the three major muscles in your booty to ensure a safe, enjoyable and of course, a progressive workout. It fires up your butt.

Stage Two: Activate

The second portion of the videos is where you’ll find the meat of the program. It’s all about activating those booty muscles to get the plumping, lifting, strengthening and toning you’re looking for.

Stage Three: Pump

The last stage of the exercises involves unconventional quick bursts movements that increase blood flow to your booty, while also providing giving you a metabolic boost that can last up to 48 hours.

Yoga Burn Booty Challenge is definitely going to give you a challenge, but not one that is unbearable or boring like many other different forms of exercise. Better yet, it’s a system that you can continue to use to keep that great looking butt! You also receive a bonus video called The Sexy Flexy Stretching Series which is like the ultimate dose of relaxation and relief for both your mind and body.

The Verdict

At the end of the day, if you decide that you don’t want a great butt, then there is a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee you can take advantage of. However, if you’re serious about reversing what’s commonly called as “pancake butt” or a flat butt, then dedicating 15 minutes a day is nothing. It’s the smarter way to lifting, strengthening and toning your butt – and one that’s sufficiently more enjoyable than busting out hundreds of squats or working on an exercise machine for hours each week.

So, let’s get your booty great just in time for bikini season. Start the Yoga Burn Booty Challenge and I can almost guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed. It’s a trustworthy program created by a trustworthy fitness professional that’s often hailed as one of the best. You have nothing to lose!


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