Wake Up Lean Program Review

Wake Up Lean Program Review

Wake Up Lean is a weight loss system that goes far beyond “eating properly and working out”, which is a breath of fresh air. You already know you have to eat properly and workout; the problem is knowing what to eat and what exercises to do to see the best results. It’s when you don’t know what to do that your weight loss goals and regime seem to disappear. We’ve all been there. So, this program doesn’t just state the obvious. Instead, it teaches you exactly how to turn your life into a healthier one, and one that boosts your metabolism, eliminates harmful inflammation enzymes and much more.

About the Wake Up Lean Program

To say Wake Up Lean is a weight loss program would be an understatement. It’s a system that’s designed to transform your life – and body – by taking care of it, and not just by eating fruits and vegetables and working out. Everything from what type of recipes to cook up, what fat-burning snacks to have, what to do before your last meal of the day to boost your metabolism and what exercises are going to burn the most weight are all provided. It’s comprehensive and complete but the unique thing that separates Wake Up Lean from all the rest is its approach.

The creator of the program based the system around things that help burn weight for men and women over 40. As you age, your body changes. It stores – and burns – weight differently, and in order to have a program that works, you need a program that’s specific to aging weight.

More importantly, Wake Up Lean isn’t just about eating properly and working out. It provides tips and tricks specifically designed to eliminate fat cells that contribute to weight gain and other deadly diseases. It also focuses on strengthening your blood vessels to burn more weight, and better, which is what’s needed to capitalize on your workouts.

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About the Author of Wake Up Lean

This powerful program was created by Meredith Shirk, a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified personal trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. She believes that the two major reasons people over 40 have a hard time losing weight are because of fat cells releasing adipokines that store fat and weak blood vessels that make it hard for your body to burn fat. So, throughout the program, you’ll see that a lot of the information is geared towards tackling these two factors.

Overview of the Wake Up Lean Program

Since Wake Up Lean is such a comprehensive guide, it’s broken down into various sections:

  1. Quick Start Guide
  2. 10-Day Flat Belly Blueprint
  3. 5-Minute Lean Body Bursts
  4. 24-Hour Fat Flushing Protocol
  5. Shopping List
  6. Vegan Tips

You’ll spend a lot of time reading (and executing) the things you learn in the 10-Day Flat Belly Blueprint, so I decided to give you a sneak peek at what’s inside. The chapters are:

  • Step 1: Setting Yourself Up For Success
  • Why Do I Need a Detox?
  • What Am I Eating in This Detox?
  • Metabolism Minerals – Key Players
  • Day 1-3 Slimming Detox
  • How Should I Feel After the Detox
  • The Silent Killer: Fight Belly Bloating Inflammation
  • Recipes Days 4-10
  • Simple Way to Rapidly Accelerate Weight Loss
  • Work the Program Into Your Life
  • Avoid Restaurant Disaster
  • 10-Day Blueprint
  • 10 Days Done… Now What?
  • Insider Tips
  • Fat Burning Snacks
  • FAQ

Then, the other portions of the program, all of which are mentioned and thoroughly explains with tips and tricks in the blueprint, are specific breakdowns of what to do. For example, you learn the recipes and then the shopping list and vegan tips provide alternatives and specifics to start cooking. The blueprint teaches you about the workout systems you’ll be doing, then the 5-minute lean body bursts breaks down the actual workouts and shows you what to do.

The workout portion also comes with a downloadable tracker and movement checklist, as well as a list of exercise modifications to ensure you can continue with the program as you progressively get stronger and healthier. The videos are also incredibly easy to follow. It’s like working out with a personal trainer right in your own home.

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You also receive various bonuses when you purchase the program, such as:

  1. 90 Weight Loss Smoothies Recipe Book
  2. Paleo Hacks Cookbook
  3. Anti-Aging Workout DVD

These bonuses are excellent additions to what you learn throughout the Wake Up Lean program, as they’re specific for aging weight or weight loss altogether.

As for the system as a whole, there are so many benefits that it would be impossible to mention them all. However, one of the biggest things is how easy it is to follow through the entire program. Everything is detailed and carefully explained to ensure you know exactly what you’re doing and why. The recipes have everything listed, along with additional notes to teach you how to change things up to suit your preferences.

You also get some recipes for fat burning beverages to mix up prior to bed to ensure you keep losing weight overnight.

And the extra tips are certainly amazing! Unlike other programs, the tips provided are things you’ve never heard of before, such as ending your shower with 20-30 seconds of cold water to influence your body’s fat cell activation.

There’s also plenty of healthy lifestyle tips, such as what time to go to bed and why. As mentioned previously, to say the program is just a weight loss system would be a serious understatement.


Wake Up Lean is a comprehensive healthy lifestyle guide that explains exactly what you need to do to lose that stubborn weight that becomes even more stubborn with age. So, if you’re serious about living a healthy life and burning weight in the meantime, try a program that’s designed specifically for people just like you. You have a full two months to try the program and if you decide being healthy isn’t for you, you can opt for the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. You have nothing to lose – just weight and risk of deadly diseases and illnesses.


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