Visual Impact Muscle Building Review

Visual Impact Muscle Building review

Visual Impact Muscle Building is exactly what you’ve been looking for if you want a ripped, chiseled physique. But don’t be mistaken; if you only want a ripped, chiseled physique in just your arms or just your legs or another singular part of your body, this isn’t for you. In fact, this program is all about the exact opposite.

It’s not about bulking up and having little chicken legs are you walk around with your arms sticking out like the Hulk. Instead, it’s about creating lean, muscle mass that is proportional and even well throughout your body. Think male fitness model instead of bodybuilder – and that’s what Visual Impact Muscle Building focuses on.

What is Visual Impact Muscle Building?

This is an online fitness system that is truly like having a personal trainer – for a fraction of the price. The system can be accessed right away; all you need is a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone to download the content on. You do have the option to keep the materials right on your device but unless you’re working out with your cellphone in hand and will always have internet access, this option isn’t recommended. You’re better off downloading the content onto your devices just in case.

Hey – you never know – the gym might have poor service one day and then what? You’d be lost.

Either way, whatever you do, this program will act as your personal trainer as you workout. It focuses on a balance of sarcoplasmic training and myofibrillar training to ensure a strong physique well throughout, and not just in one section of muscles. This is important because if you have too much sarcoplasmic training, your muscles will appear fluffy and rounded. If you have too much myofibrillar training, you’ll be ripped but undersized. So, it takes a special regime to get equal amounts of both training types in, and that’s exactly what you receive with this system.

The program is broken down into three different sections – Muscle Building, Exercise Demonstrations, and Printable Workout Charts – making it exceptionally easy to follow through. The main module is all about the program, why this type of fitness training works, what type of supplements you should be taking – and avoiding – and so on and so forth. It’s like the encyclopedia of Visual Impact Muscle Building.

Then, you have the exercise demonstrations which is exactly what it sounds like, and lastly, the printable workout charts, which again, is exactly what it sounds like.

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About the Creator of Visual Impact Muscle Building

Rusty Moore is the creator of the program and has been dedicated to this type of fitness training for several years. He runs a popular online fitness website called Fitness Blackbook which also focuses on building lean, proportional muscle mass instead of bulking up like the Hulk. He’s definitely an expert on the topic and definitely has the knowledge and experience you’re looking for when it comes to following and trusting an online fitness program.

Quick Overview of Visual Impact Muscle Building

With so many online fitness regimes all claiming to do the same thing, it can be hard to trust anything. So, I’ve decided to give you a sneak peek at the different portions of the program to help you understand the value of what you’re getting.

Muscle Building

As mentioned, this portion of the program is like the encyclopedia to proportional, lean, muscle building. It covers everything you wish to know about the program and about this type of fitness training as a whole. So, don’t skip over this module. It has plenty of tips and tricks that will help you maximize your results moving forward.

  1. Concentrating on “The Big 3”
  2. The 2 Main Types of Muscle Growth
  3. “Cumulative Fatigue”
  4. A High Volume of Sets and Reps
  5. Hybrid Muscle Building
  6. How Much Muscle Can You Gain?
  7. Eating for Muscle Gains
  8. Only Proven Muscle Building Supplement
  9. Setting Up Your Workout Routine
  10. Phase 1 – Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy
  11. Phase 2 – Increase Muscle and Density
  12. Phase 3 – Max Density and Definition
  13. Bonus Phase – Shrink Wrap Your Muscles
  14. Building Mass on Upper Body Only

Exercise Demonstrations

Just as the name reads, this is where you will find demonstrations of all the exercises included within this system. You can view the exercises based on body part or per phase. So, if you’re looking to focus on chest exercises one day, you can. However, if you simply follow the phases provided, you’ll be good.

So, basically, it’s pretty easy. You read the Printable Workout Routine (mentioned below) and then go here to see what each movement (should) look like. Each movement provides detailed written and visual instructions, and I highly recommend going through each even if you think you know what you’re doing. It’ll help deter injury and you’d be surprised at how many movements you’ve actually been doing wrong all this time.

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Printable Workout Routines

As mentioned, this is where you receive the actual instructions for each day. The system is laid out per phase and then per day and includes everything from the type of movement to do, how many reps and sets for each, and any extra notes you should know before getting started. Simple!

I personally recommend printing this portion of the program out instead of keeping it on your device because as you become more familiar with the movements, you’ll be able to look at the routine and know exactly what you need to do. Having to flip a cellphone or laptop in your hand at this point will simply be distracting.


And that’s all there is to know. The Visual Impact Muscle Building system is incredibly simple yet exceptionally elaborate. It’s easy to follow, yet the workouts are intense – just as they need to be in order to see results.  So, don’t expect some yoga and meditation here, boys. You’re going to have to work for a thorough, lean, proportional muscle mass but at least now, you can do the right kind of movements that will provide you with just that. It’s all about working out smarter and not necessarily harder to get the Visual Impact Muscle Building.


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