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Eat Stop Eat is about fasting but it’s not what you think. Trust me, as soon as I saw the word ‘fasting’, I was like heck no! I love food – clearly – and giving it up would be a travesty. But then I went on the read a little bit more about the program and was pleasantly surprised that the system isn’t anything like the fasting I thought I knew. Instead, it was about eating the foods you like and eating normally most of the time. It’s not about starving yourself or being hungry or hangry. It’s about Intermittent Fasting, which was an entirely new concept to me at the time. But I’m glad that’s changed. So, don’t be deterred from trying this new method. Its unique approach could very well be everything you’ve been looking for.

What is the Eat Stop Eat Program About?

It is an intermittent fasting system proven to provide results. Over 317 peer-reviewed studies showed that not only do you lose weight but you also receive an abundance of other health benefits with intermittent fasting. By changing the way you eat – and no, not by starving yourself but instead, by using the strategy provided – you can increase your fat burning hormone by 700%. You learn how to control cravings and your hunger hormone, which allows you to eat only when food is available which is what your ancestors did thousands of years ago.  In fact, you’re eating every day while also fasting for 24 hours. The program is also incredibly flexible, so you can adjust it to fit your own personal lifestyle and of course, it shows you how to do that as well.

This, along with all the information you could ever ask for can be found in the program. Everything is based on scientific evidence, which provides a hefty – and healthy – dose of confidence and reassurance that this program will actually provide results. And heck, there’s always a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee if you decide Intermittent Fasting isn’t for you but you can’t go wrong with breaking the cycle of compulsive eating, which is exactly what you’re struggling with today.

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About the Author Behind Eat Stop Eat

The program was created by Brad Pilon but what might surprise you is that he wasn’t always about Intermittent Fasting. Instead, it came in waves. It all started when he was writing his post-grad thesis but after getting a job with one of the largest supplement companies, he put his theory on intermittent fasting on the back burner. However, at this job he had access to a vast array of scientific labs and gadgets relating to nutrition. It was here that he learned his theory on fasting was actually the fastest way to lose weight – and not these supplements he was trying to sell. Alas, the program was created.

Brief Overview of the Eat Stop Eat Program

Since fasting isn’t really an idea anyone wants to consider, regardless of how much they want to lose weight, I wanted to give you a thorough breakdown of the program. It really isn’t anything like you think because it isn’t about starving yourself or any of the other common misconceptions associated with fasting, all of which you learn about in the program.

So, I’ve summed up the chapters to help you understand how you’ll actually benefit from the program.

The informative chapters

There are approximately 11 chapters – 111 pages –  in the program that are strictly informative pieces. Now, I know, you’re eager to lose weight so you’ll probably skip over these chapters but I highly recommend against it. Knowledge is power and learning how intermittent fasting works will be crucial to your success. These informative chapters also take care of any of those misconceptions you believe about fasting – and remember, everything is backed up with science. Here are some of the chapters to focus on to get the right kind of information you need to successfully use fasting to your benefit.

  • The Fasted State
  • The Disappearance of the Fasted State
  • Forget Everything you have ever Read about Fasting
  • Fasting and your Metabolism
  • Fasting and Exercise
  • Fasting and your Brain
  • Fasting and your Muscle Mass
  • Fasting and Hunger
  • Fasting and Blood Sugar Levels
  • Other Misconceptions of Fasting
  • The Health Benefits of Fasting

As you can see, everything you’re currently wondering about is answered within these first couple of chapters. Plus, it’s really interesting to learn how your body, brain, cells, chemicals, etc. react to intermittent fasting. So, if for nothing else, do read these chapters for educational purposes.

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The program chapters

After the abundance of information, you get into the chapters specific to the program. Again, you get approximately 11 chapters (another 100 pages) to get a thorough understanding on intermittent fasting and how it’ll help you lose weight, amongst many other health benefits. Some of the topics covered include:

  • The way of life
  • How to fast
  • Why you shouldn’t fast for longer
  • What to do while fasting
  • Fasting for women
  • How to work out while fasting
  • How to keep the weight off
  • How to use the program as training
  • Frequently asked questions

Similar to the rest of the program, there’s nothing left uncovered. You learn how and when to eat every day to ensure you still get 24 hours of fasting in. The program also teaches you how to adjust the program to suit your own personal lifestyle or what to do if something comes up, such as a family dinner.

These chapters teach you what you can and cannot eat or drink while fasting, tips to help you fight off cravings and hunger, what exercises to do to maximize your results, and so much more.

The Verdict

So, to say Eat Stop Eat is a diet plan would be an understatement. It’s really just a lifestyle change – and a healthy one, at that. Everything you learn has the main goal of breaking the cycle of compulsive eating, which is prominent in today’s modern world. You learn how to eat only when food is available, and all of your health and fitness goals follow en suite.


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