Joe LoGalbo’s Anabolic Running Review

Anabolic Running by Joe Logalbo Review

Anabolic Running is going to prove that running is an excellent way to shed weight, build lean muscle and have a better sex life, marriage, lifestyle, and overall health. It’s not just a program about running for 16 minutes every week. Instead, it’s a comprehensive lifestyle guide that will help you achieve all of your health and fitness goals – mentally, sexually, emotionally and physically.

And as you know, ultimate health isn’t just about one or the other. You can be incredibly active with a great physique but poor emotional health; you can be lean and build yet have absolutely no libido leftover at the end of your training. This is actually more common than most men are willing to admit. So, if you’ve been struggling with running and a loss of libido, running and not seeing gains, running and not seeing weight loss, or simply want to workout smarter instead of harder, you’ve found your solution.

What is the Anabolic Running Program About?

Anabolic Running is an online program that is tailored around the scientific evidence that this form of running can increase your growth hormone by 530%. What this means for you is that by increasing your testosterone, you’ll actually be forcing your body to build new muscle, while also receiving the additional benefits that follow, such as increased libido and weight loss. To put it simply, you get the benefits of running while also debunking the same reasons you don’t want to run.

Most men avoid running for fear of losing their muscle mass or experiencing a decreases libido – two things that are quite common. So, it’s crucial to mention that this program isn’t about the type of running you want to avoid. It’s a revolutionized approach that comes from ancient times.

With the program, you receive various eBook and video libraries that show you exactly what to do. You’re provided with a step-by-step workout system, dietary hacks, lifestyle tips, recipes, routines, and much more, all of which are found in the following:

  • Running 2.0
    • Content and Video Library
  • Indoor Running
  • Testosterone Hacker Handbook
  • Shock & Awe Strength
    • Content and Video Library
  • 17 Foods That Boost Libido

You also receive bonus content that helps you further your health and fitness goals:

  • 7-Day Accelerator
  • Libido Boosting Brews, Shakes and Smoothies
  • 101 All natural Testosterone Boosters

Now, if you’re not convinced that running can actually be good for what you’re trying to achieve, you’ll be happy to know that the program comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This means you have two months to execute the system before actually committing to it financially. So, the only thing you have to lose is your bad habits, a misconstrued perception of running and weight loss. What you gain is so much more.

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Who is the Creator of Anabolic Running?

Joe LoGalbo created the Anabolic Running system after seeing his marriage come to a crashing halt as he trained for a marathon. The traditional fitness regime for runners caused his libido to decrease to a point where it was running his relationship. Having the dilemma of loving his wife and loving running, he had to choose but before doing that, he searched for a solution that allowed him to run and maintain high testosterone levels. That’s when he stumbled across everything you learn in this program.

Brief Summary of the Anabolic Running Program

The first thing everyone needs to know about this system is that it isn’t just about running. In fact, running is such a minuscule detail in the grand scheme of things. To help you understand what I mean, here is a breakdown of the different components of the Anabolic Running program:

Anabolic Running 2.0

This portion of the program is like a 101 on this unique form to running, health and fitness. It covers everything from the history to the side effects, breathing techniques, what to do if you’re a beginner, endurance athlete, strength training or a marathon pro, and so much more.

I highly recommend reading this before you get started, as you’ll instantly know whether or not you wish to continue. More importantly, you’ll learn why you should.

Warm-Up Exercises

You also receive a video library that includes various warm-up exercise videos to follow. It’s like having a trainer on your screen.

Indoor Running

This portion of the program teaches you how to do the program indoors. This is a huge benefit because there will be times when you can’t get outside due to weather conditions, convenience, location, schedule, etc.

More importantly, it takes care of any excuse you could ever have.  There’s never a way to talk yourself out of skipping a day – HUGE motivator!

Testosterone Hacker

Since the program is highly focused on running to increase testosterone levels, this is a great chapter to read if you’re wondering how Anabolic Running works. You learn how testosterone plays a role in your overall health, fitness, diet and lifestyle, and how it can help you achieve your goals. In fact, it teaches you exactly what you need to do to maximize your results.

Shock & Awe Strength

If you’re still convinced you can’t build lean muscle with running, this is for you. In this section of the program, you are taught the specific moves to do to increase muscle mass. Everything is detailed for you, from the different phases, different workouts, days, reps, times, etc. It also provides you with a plan that you can continue to follow as you enhance your fitness. So, instead of doing 25 squats at a level 1 fitness, you’ll do 50 at level 2, 75 at level 3, etc.

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Exercise Guide

You also receive video demonstrations of each move, so you’re never left wondering how or what to do. Again, it’s like having a trainer on your screen.

17 Foods That Boost Libido

This section is all about your diet. It teaches you the 17 most powerful foods for boosting your libido. More importantly, eating these ingredients will help accelerate your health and fitness goals as a whole – not just your libido.

Bonus Content

You’re then provided with three additional eBooks to help further your results. They are:

  • 7-Day Accelerator
    • Boosting your testosterone levels in 7 days
  • Libido Boosting Brews, Shakes and Smoothies
    • Recipes to boost your libido
  • 101 All Natural Testosterone Boosters
    • Learn the foods, workouts, lifestyle changes, rituals, habits, dietary tricks, etc. to boost your testosterone


So, if you’re serious about achieving your goals and workout out smarter instead of harder, start the Anabolic Running program today. Like I said, with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, you have nothing to lose.


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