The End of Gout Review

The End of Gout is an online regime that teaches you how to readjust your diet, stress management and lifestyle to reduce the development of gout and reduce gout symptoms. Studies have shown that diet is the main contributing factors for this type of arthritis, but there are also other things that can be triggering your pain. This program teaches you how to tackle all of them, safely and naturally. There’s no need to take prescription medications, undergo intense therapy or spend a fortune of money. You just have to make some simple adjustments and The End of Gout makes it easy.

The End of Gout Review

What is The End of Gout About?

If you’ve been experiencing gout or are already at high risk of developing it, you need to start looking at the types of foods you’re putting into your body, as well as your stress management and lifestyle. This can be easier said than done, as you would need to do a ton of research to find out everything that is triggering your symptoms or furthering the development of your gout. The End of Gout has done all of the hard work for you and put it in an easy-to-follow system, making it easy to know what to do to start to tackle the root cause of the problem.

The program highly focuses on diet, as studies have shown that diet is the main contributing factor but it also addresses many other elements that can cause gout symptoms to worsen. It provides you with all the information you need to understand what’s going on, and then it gives you easy-to-follow regimes, guides, lists and recommendations that help you make simple adjustments to minimize the effects of gout.

You receive immediate access as soon as you purchase and can download the content onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer; and you have everything you need wherever you go – and since you never know when your gout will act up, this is a huge benefit.

You also receive a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, which gives you two months to see how many simple adjustments in your life can tackle your gout.

Who is the Author of The End of Gout?

Shelly Manning, in part with Blue Heron Health News, is the author of The End of Gout. Blue Heron Health News is a reputable platform that teaches people how to treat their health concerns, diseases and illnesses naturally.

Quick Summary of The End of Gout Program

The End of Gout is a comprehensive digital program that provides you with valuable information about gout, including incredible and natural ways you can start tackling it at the root cause. The system is all about making small adjustments to your diet, stress management and activity levels to start minimizing the symptoms and reducing the development of this type of arthritis. Everything is broken down in easy-to-follow steps, making it easy to start improving your life and health as a whole.

Here’s a look at some of the topics covered:

  1. Chapter 1: What is Gout? How is It Conventionally Understood?
    1. What is Gout?
    2. The Main Risk Factor For Gout – Too Much Uric Acid
    3. Other Risk Factor for Gout
    4. How Gout is Diagnosed and Treated Conventionally
    5. Typical Conventional Treatments for Gout
    6. Newer Conventional Treatment Strategies
  2. Chapter 2: Our Helpful Friends
    1. The Gut Microbiome
      1. What exactly is the microbiome?
      2. So, what’s so interesting or important about gout?
  • Gut Health is very important for human health
  1. The General Microbiome
  2. The Composition of the Microbiome and How It Develops
    1. The Factors that Influence our ‘Micro-friends’
  3. Gout and The Microbiome
    1. What bacteria are linked to gout?
    2. Gout and chronic inflammation
  4. Weight and the Gut Microbiome
  5. Active Steps to a Healthy Gut
    1. Probiotics, what are they?
    2. Prebiotics – What are they?
  6. Eating Low Glycemic Index Foods
  7. Super Foods for a Healthy Microbiome
    1. Why plant lectins are important
  8. Healthy Treats
  1. Chapter 3: Natural Chemical Tools to Combat Gout and Bust Inflammation
    1. Busting Inflammation, Supporting Microbiome, Decreasing Uric Acid
    2. Supplements for Acute Attacks – *Great Tips
    3. Specific Power Nutrients, Foods, Drinks and Vitamins that Fight Gout
      1. Vitamin C
      2. Cherries
  • Pineapples and Papaya
  1. Coffee
  2. Garlic and Aged Garlic
  3. Fiber
  • Celery
  • Gamma-Linolenic Acid
  1. Folate
  1. Special Herbs for Gout
  2. Other Powerful Tools for Gout
    1. Flavanoids
    2. Cold Laser Therapy
  3. Chapter 4: Our Choices Matter When Healing Gout Day to Day
    1. Gout and Lifestyle Factors
    2. Broad lifestyle tips for gout
    3. Diet and lifestyle
    4. Optimum Gout Diet FAQ
      1. Does one have to eliminate all proteins to be free from gout?
      2. When should I restrict my purine intake?
  • In an acute gout attack, all purine dense foods are off-limits
  1. Haven’t had gout attacks for a while and ready to experiment with purines?
  2. Not all purines are equal according to some researchers
  3. What is meant when we say that moderate purines in the diet are acceptable?
  1. Exercise, Stress and Sleep
    1. Exercise
    2. Stress
  2. Overwhelmed by Stress? How to Recognize the Biological Signs?
  3. Chronic Stress and Nutrition
  4. Simple Things We Can Do to Avoid Chronic Stress
    1. Fantastic strategies to manage stress
    2. Melatonin
  • Minerals
  1. L-theanine
  2. Omega 3-Fatty Acids
  3. Probiotics and the microbiome can help with stress
  • Herbal therapies for stress
  • Bacopa
  1. Sleep
  2. Meditation
  1. Chapter 5: Bringing It All Together
    1. Goals to Achieve a Healthy Gout-Free Life
    2. Quick Hints and Suggestions for a Gout-Free Lifestyle
      1. Principles for gout
      2. Avoid these!!
  • Exercise
  1. One last thing
  2. A Supplementation Skeleton
    1. Recommended supplements for Gout
  3. Alkaline Foods (Food Options)
  4. Acidic Foods (Bad Options)
  5. The Glycemic Index
  6. Natural Sources of Sugar Commonly Added to Foods
  7. The Effects of High Fructose Corn Syrup
  8. Seven Day Example Meal Plan
  9. The Fat Relief Field Guide and Toolkit for Acute Gout Attacks
    1. First priority
    2. Quick alkalinizing folk remedy
    3. Low-level laser therapy
    4. It’s herbal tea time – designed to relax and relieve pain
      1. Jasmine and green herbal tea
      2. Five spice chai tea for gout
  • How to make five spice chai tea
  1. Teas for Sleep
  1. Cherished cherry smoothie for intense pain management
  2. DIY gout pain massage oil
  3. Gout pain relief cream
  4. Supplements for Acute Attacks
    1. Reminders
  5. Powerful Natural Tools for Gout
    1. Xanthine Oxidase inhibitors
    2. Antioxidants/anti-inflammatory
    3. Microbiome support


The End of Gout is your guide to reducing the development and symptoms of gout by making simple adjustments within your diet, lifestyle and stress management. Everything is provided to you in easy-to-follow guides, recommendations and lists, and you can even try it out with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.


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