Bob Grant’s The Woman Men Adore Review

Bob Grant's The Woman Men Adore Review

The Woman Men Adore gives you full control over your heart, love life and future. Despite society telling you that you have to be young, tall, blonde and skinny in order to keep your man in love with you, it’s actually quite the opposite. In order to keep a relationship full of life, you need to tap into a man’s mind and that’s exactly what you’re about to do. So, whether you’re single and looking for love, in a new relationship, in one fizzling out or heading towards divorce, stop and take control of your future by reading The Woman Men Adore. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn and how it’ll benefit you, your partner and your relationship as a whole. So, if you’re reading to take control of your heart strings, keep on reading.

What is The Woman Men Adore Program About?

We live in a world where relationships can be replaced and partners can be found with a swipe to the right. Finding Prince Charming and keeping Prince Charming seems harder now than it ever has been before.  But there’s one thing to remember, the male mind is still the same. Nothing has changed which means you don’t need a boyfriend-stalking app on your smartphone just to make sure your relationship thrives through the hard times.

All you need is to do is discover the conscious triggers every man has that creates a deep desire for women, or in this case, for you!

The Woman Men Adore is an online program you received immediate access to as soon as you make the purchase. You can then download the content onto your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, or save it in your browser depending on your preferences. This is huge because it keeps your secret reading material sacred, while also making it exceptionally easy to complete at your leisure – whenever and wherever that may be.

Throughout the program, you’ll learn the ins and outs of a man’s mind, along with the one thing he desires more than anything else – more than, money, looks, social status, you name it. And the best part? None of it has to do with changing who you are or changing the way you look. It’s all about learning how men think and feel, and using that to benefit your love life.

how to get a guy to notice you

Who is the Creator of The Woman Men Adore Program?

Bob Grant is the genius behind the program. He has 10 years’ experience working as a licensed counsellor who specializes in providing women with relationship advice and even runs an online forum for women called Savvy Miss, as well as an online relationship website called Relationship Headquarters. Bob is so renowned within the dating and relationship industry that he’s been nicknamed “The Relationship Doctor.”

Overview of The Woman Men Adore Program

When it comes to The Woman Men Adore, you better give yourself some time to read because there is a lot of quality, helpful information you definitely don’t want to miss out on. Literally, every topic is covered from ways you can improve yourself to tips and tricks you can do that cater to the chances your man might be seeking, self-trust issues, following what your heart wants, and so much more.

To give you a sneak peek, I’ve taken some of my favorite sections from each chapter. Prepare to be amazed – and this is only a small glimpse!

Chapter 1: Vulnerability

“You send off a signal that says no one is to get too close to you. Everyone picks up on that signal… Most people are terrified of getting hurt. They have elaborate ways of protecting themselves––ways that keep them safe, yet unsatisfied. It’s not that they want to be alone; they just don’t know how to be vulnerable and feel safe at the same time. In an effort to protect their heart, they inadvertently doom themselves to loneliness. “

  • Trying Harder
  • The Ability to Influence

Chapter 2: What Men Really Want

“Since most every man has difficulty accessing his feelings, when he meets a woman who makes him feel good, he can’t help but want to spend time with her. When a woman is happy with herself, she radiates confidence. This confidence is extremely attractive. Without this emotional connection, a man might as well be talking to a co-worker or a friend. If his wife/girlfriend challenges him on something or stands up for her own point of view, and there isn’t that emotional bond between them, then he’s less inclined to be patient with her. “

  • The Man is the Head; the Woman is the Heart
  • The Brain’s Role in Relationships
  • Pain and Voids
  • Beauty

Chapter 3: Listening to Your Heart

“The best way to begin awakening your heart lies in the process of listening to your feelings. Unfortunately, many of my clients do just the opposite. In an attempt not to lose control and appear weak and stupid, nearly every female client I see pays attention to the intense feelings, while dismissing the quieter ones. By determining not to become “whiney,” predictably, they become numb and cease taking risks for fear of getting hurt. “

  • What is your Heart?
  • Listening to your Feelings

Chapter 4: Certain Death to Relationships

“Great couples fight, within reason. They don’t have huge fights, and their emotions don’t spike too high once things get intense. Dysfunctional couples may or may not fight, but what they do have in common is that they hold onto grudges. They tend to let things build. Folks often ask me what the number one problem is that couples face, and, without hesitation, I tell them that it is resentment.”

  • Pounds of Anger

Chapter 5: Forgiveness

“Every event that has ever happened to you is chemically locked into your brain. Remembering is simply recalling. Some events are more difficult to recall than others. If forgiveness means never remembering, then all of us are destined to never be able to forgive. “

  • Stages of Forgiveness

Chapter 6: Secrets of a Great Relationship

“I will give you plenty of those magical techniques, but first I want to go over one of the most powerful and most basic. I doubt it’s ever really been explained to you why the phrase, “Just be yourself” is so powerful. What people mean when they say it is, “I know you, I like you, and if others take the time to get to know you, I’m sure they will feel the same way.” Unfortunately, we all have a lot of layers to “ourselves”, and we oftentimes don’t truly understand what makes us so likeable to others. In fact, most of the feedback we get from other tends to be negative.”

  • The Obvious Clues
  • The Secret Ratio
  • Being Yourself

make him like you when he likes someone else

Chapter 7: Deciding Your Style

“In a friendship, personalities can be equal. Equals are the people we are friends with in a platonic relationship. While sometimes even the closest of friends can make the transition from friendship to dating or even marriage, for the transition to be successful, those interacting patterns as equals must change. The reason for this, according to John Gray, author of Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus, is that too much familiarity in a dating or marriage relationship often leads to a lack of passion. The differences between men and women are the main catalyst that ignites the flames of passion. It may be more comfortable to relate to a man in whatever way you are more comfortable, but it frequently leads to painful boredom.”

  • Head or Heart
  • What Men Crave – What Women Need

Chapter 8: No Man is a Match for a Woman

“Another aspect of putting your heart first has to do with the actions of giving and receiving. There are two primary aspects regarding giving: what is familiar versus what is best. What is familiar to most men is to put their heart first. Men, as a whole, have no trouble telling you what they want, what they want you to do for them, or what they don’t like, etc. Women, on the other hand, love to give. Giving, and putting others ahead of themselves, is what is most familiar to women. The irony is that what is familiar is not always best. A man is actually at his best when he is giving and is taking care of others. That is when a man flourishes. A woman, conversely, is literally at her best when she is receiving. “

  • Who Puts her Heart First
  • Your Secret Guide

Chapter 9: Personality and Perception

“The common belief is that men are repressed, and, if they could just talk about their feelings, they would experience the same emotional release that women do when discussing their problems with others. “

  • Observations and Myths
  • Introverts vs. Extroverts
  • Timing
  • What you Call Them, They Will Become
  • The Law of Balance
  • Why He Doesn’t Listen
  • The Man This Will Not Work On

Chapter 10: Practical, Practical, Practical

“While it is important to be able to have deep conversations and feel safe enough to share your fears, early in a relationship, make sure you show a man that you can be fun. Don’t take yourself too seriously. “

Chapter 11: What You Can Expect

“The reason you will change your partner has to do with the difference between influencing and controlling. Control, by definition, means that you have complete and absolute power over something or someone. Control, by its definition, is rarely applicable. A parent has control over most of an infant’s actions, as an employee is under the control of an employer in certain circumstances. Control depends on someone surrendering. They have to give up their power. Influence is when we focus on percentages and degrees.”

The Verdict

A couple paragraphs of The Woman Men Adore and you’re already hooked. It’s that good, and it’s just as powerful and helpful as it is entertaining. There’s also a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee when you purchase the program, giving you more than enough time to execute your newfound knowledge and see just how obsessed over you your man can be!


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