Michael Fiore’s How To Kiss a Man Review

Michael Fiore's How To Kiss a Man Review

Michael Fiore’s How to Kiss a Man is all about locking lips for love. While kissing may seem like such a simple thing, that’s really what the program is here to discuss. Many of us fall into a routine of kissing; we kiss hello and we kiss goodbye but rarely do we kiss with true meaning and purpose. And that’s why so many dates and relationships fail. We let the simplest form of intimacy disintegrate right in between our lips. So, this program reminds you of the importance of kissing, why it’s key to a happy love and life, and how you can get the man of your dreams and wrap him around your finger – and lips.

About Michael Fiore’s How to Kiss a Man Program

This may seem like a silly program at first, but don’t be fooled. This program isn’t about the physical act of kissing. Instead, it’s all about enhancing your dating life, sex life, and relationship with the sincerest form of intimacy – kissing.

However, even that doesn’t do this program justice. Michael Fiore’s How to Kiss a Man program goes beyond teaching you how to kiss for the sake of kissing. It teaches you techniques to getting what you want, when you should use different types of kissing, and what each kiss means. It’s the ultimate guide to locking lips for love.

the art of kissing for women

About the Author

The creator of How to Kiss a Man is also the founder and CEO of Digital Romance Inc. His platform has helped thousands of women get the man of their dreams – and keep him as theirs. He’s pretty much a relationship guru, and a quick look on his website will only confirm that.

Quick Overview of Michael Fiore’s How to Kiss a Man Program

It would be near impossible to go over all the lip-locking action found in this program, but I’ll give you a little peck!  Here is a brief breakdown of what you’ll find in each chapter.

  1. The Chemistry of Kissing
    1. Kissing 101
    2. Cinematic Kisses
    3. Kissing Review

Just when you think you know it all, you stumble across The Chemistry of Kissing. This chapter goes deeper into a kiss than you ever knew to be possible.  It talks about why people kiss, why animals kiss, why you close your eyes when you kiss, and why technique matters so much!

Speaking of technique, it also uses classic Hollywood films to show you the different kinds of kissing techniques and why some are bad, some are good, and some are just ugly. And he really nailed the Titanic Kiss on the head! Definitely worth the read.

  1. Kissing Mindset
    1. A Kiss is a Conversation
    2. Listening with Your Mouth

This is where the program really gets into the fact that kissing is more than just a physical act. It’s all about your mindset and intention behind the kiss, and that’s what should steer you in the right direction, or rather, the right kissing technique.

The information here is just as useful as it is interesting. For example, a kiss really is a conversation. It’s something you do to have a special “conversation” with someone you love without saying anything at all. You also learn how different kisses mean different things, such as a primal and passionate kiss vs. a fierce and aggressive kiss.

One of the most important sections of this chapter is how to listen with your mouth. Since kissing is a conversation, it’s crucial that you learn how to decipher what your partner is saying with their tongue.

how to make him love you forever

  1. Become a Phenomenal Kisser
    1. 8 Steps to Being a Phenomenal Kisser
    2. Man Melting Kisses

Just as the name reads, this is where you really learn how to kiss like a pro. The 8 steps to kissing will actually surprise you because the kiss begins before your lips even come close to one another. It’s all about the intro and the pause, the demand and the approach, then the lip locking, silent conversation, tongue slipping, and of course, the departure. Who knew kissing was so complex? Well, now you know!

This chapter also teaches you several techniques you can put into play to get what you want from a kiss. There are different styles you can do to send off different signals to your man, hence the title, “Man Melting Kisses”.

  1. Kissing on the First Date

This chapter is quite self-explanatory. It’s all about kissing on the first date but to be fair, it goes far beyond that as well. It talks about the different rules to follow and how to use different techniques to seal the date with a kiss. If you’re tired of first dates going seemingly well, only to never hear from the guy again, these kissing tips will certainly help you lock it in!

  1. Kissing FAQ

If any questions were left unanswered, this is where you’ll find the answers. The cool thing about this section is that they’re questions from real people. So, it’s easy to relate to!

  1. Bonuses
    1. When to Sleep with a Man
    2. Magnetic Lips
    3. Relationship Time Machine

The three bonuses you receive with the Michael Fiore’s How to Kiss a Man program only further the benefits you receive. They cover the things outside of kissing, such as sex, when it’s too early to sleep with someone new, how a relationship progresses, and plenty of other secrets.


You’ll certainly see why kissing is so important once you start Michael Fiore’s How to Kiss a Man program. More importantly, you’ll likely see why kissing has been the culprit to bad first dates or your relationship seemingly falling apart. But it isn’t all bad news. With every truth revealed, there’s a solution.

So, it’s time to pucker up ladies! Kiss your way to getting the love of your life and keeping him there. If you end up not wanting love at all, then stop kissing and opt for your 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. However, I highly doubt you’ll be doing that! So, it’s time to learn How to Kiss a Man today.


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