Critical Bench Review

Critical Bench Review

Mike Westerdal’s Critical Bench is a popular and yet controversial package, including a variety of different media; ranging from DVDs and eBooks to online resources. Author Mike Westerdal has used years of knowledge within fitness management and his Bachelor of Science from Central CT State University to distil the key elements to help you with creating a personalized bench plan. Westerdal knows his muscle and fitness: a contributing muscle writer for various iron magazines including REPS! and Monster Muscle, his articles can be found on various internet sites; he is committed to facilitating optimum muscle development. The Critical Bench program tailors a specific set of reps for you: based on who you are and your body type.

Why is Critical Bench Popular?

The all inclusive program has gained internet popularity for many reasons, although primarily because it so personalized and targets the exact routines you need to work on. Revolutionary in its approach, Critical Bench gains results through dedicated following of Westerdal’s recommendations, which is offered using cutting edge technical media.

Accessible due to its innovation, Critical Bench is also popular because the software uses various techniques to engage, motivate and customize muscle mass increase and targeted fat loss for the customer. Accompanied by explanatory pdf documents and videos: it’s a new suite tailored to individual circumstances. No two people have the exact same body shape and characteristics; no two the same food preferences and intolerances.

A great believer in using goals to achieve motivation, Westerdal encourages customers of the program to identify their realistic targets at the beginning of the program. This allows you to claim ownership of your targets. Ultimately, this will give you the results you want and the physique you’ve always desired. Period.

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About The Critical Bench Program

Created as an advisory package to help many different body types to quickly achieve fat loss without compromising important muscle mass, Westerdals’ program has taken several years of investigation and trial and error to develop. Included in the package are monitoring tables, which you fill in, documenting your achievements to ensure you stay on track.

Every choice in your lifestyle: from what you eat to when you eat it; from what exact set of rep exercises you carry out to when you rest; is customized; optimizing your fat loss and muscle gain. Set to assist you personally, the impressive thing about Westerdal’s package is that no generic system could ever have the same effects. Naturally, we are all different and so this rep program is effective because it addresses your strengths as an individual.

It’s essential to follow the program and the exercises in the order listed because it minimizes the risk of strain or injury. For example, you wouldn’t want to fatigue your muscles, prior to another set in which they’ll be needed. This is a program for benching. In order to bench effectively, you need all the muscle groups to be ready to support the sequential exercises. So you wouldn’t want to exhaust, for example, the triceps when they are a very important secondary muscle group involved in chest exercises.

Training partners.

Mike really focuses on ensuring that you have a safe and effecive way to train and therefore highly recommends enlisting a training partner. To maximize benefit from the program you absolutely NEED to have somebody there, who is alert and capable of helping you. You may need to do negatives, or a max set and your safety is crucial to advancing. You can still achieve life changing results without a buddy but you will not be the most efficient if you can’t find some quality help. Even if you don’t manage to convince one of your guys to help you, staff at your gym will suffice. Ultimately, their job is to help you improve your fitness safely and effectively and the new maxs will push you to an intense level. Also, one of the great things about having a training buddy is going on the epic journey together and motivating each other along the way. If you’re committed enough, you’ll find someone to help you maximize your potential this way.


The program encourages you to prepare mentally for each set of reps. Exemplified by the following “The bench press is a very mental lift. Big numbers can be intimidating, and so can three, four, or five plates on each side of the bar. The most important thing to remember is: Never Plant A Seed Of Doubt In Your Mind!” Ideally, you’ll have a buddy as a training partner, but if not Mike’s attention to detail gives you the motivation and mental preparation you need. many other programs out there do not address the importance of mindset, which is what makes Critical Bench so advanced,

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Designed to make sure you are optimizing nutrition when your metabolism is at its peak, Critical Bench contains advice on eating for power. Proteins need to be consumed to rebuild, repair and strengthen your lean muscle, but you need to know about what else to give your body in order to feed it to perform optimally. Simply put, it all comes down to giving your body what it needs when it can use it and not giving it excess fuel when it can’t! It’s really simple when you think about it, but Mike explains everything in a no nonsense way, to get you started straight after purchasing.

What’s Included in Critical Bench Program?

As well as getting you the most personalized advice on reps out there, Critical Bench contains printables to help you with everything from recording results to set regimes. A whole range of bonus downloads enable you to maximize the effects of the program. These include the Bench Press Fundamentals DVD; Conversations with Elite Iron Warriors pdf and the Creatine Report to name but a few of the sections on supplements, tips and tricks to optimize your press.

Essentially there is no program out there as close to having a personal trainer with you as this one is. But at the end of the day, how effective it is for you depends on your determination and commitment to your goals. If you’re serious about upping your bench and changing your physique, you should get started today on this maximum effect plan today.


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