The Lost Ways Review

The Lost Ways Review

The Lost Ways is a 350-page eBook complete with natural survival techniques that make use of the things you can find in your very own backyard. But why do you need it, you ask? After all, it’s much easier to simply drop a prescription off at the pharmacy than it is to grow a plant in the backyard, and yes, in many ways, you are correct. However, growing your own plants is significantly more affordable than prescription medications and they don’t come with any harmful side effects that pharmaceuticals come with. “Taking this medication will alleviate heart pain but will damage your liver, brain, soul, life, and everything in it.” It’s a verbiage that comes with many medications yet most of us continue to use them when in reality, there’s no reason for it. For everything you can find in the pharmacy, grocery store, hardware store and more, you can grow or make something natural that’ll do just the same, sans the expensive price tag and dangerous side effects. And that’s what The Lost Ways is all about.

About The Lost Ways Guide

If you could travel back in time, how well do you think you could survive? You’d have no prescription medication to lower heart pressure, calm your nervous system or alleviate pain, no microwave to nuke your dinners, and no television for entertainment. You’d have no premade sauces, no matches or lighters, no hardware or running water, and the list goes on. Truly, how well would you survive?

Most of us wouldn’t survive very long. We live in a world that is infused with electricity and chemicals, toxins and fake elements, quick switches, and screen swipes. And sure, some of them are great conveniences. However, many more are quite dangerous, such as drinking bottled water, taking prescription medications from NYGoodHealth, eating hormone-infused meats and living in a world with tumors flying through the airwaves. It’s scary but when you have no idea how to live otherwise, you have no choice but to be stuck with a harmful way of living.

The Lost Ways is here to change that.

The Lost Ways eBook Download Page
Claude Davis’ The Lost Ways program has audiobook too!

This online eBook which can also be downloaded and enjoyed as an audio file teaches you how to survive without all the modern things that have stripped our world of authenticity. It has 350 pages of pioneer-living, wild-hunting, smokehouse-building, village-making techniques that can eliminate some of the most dangerous things you do today. Plus, it’ll also prepare you for the zombie apocalypse or the end of the world that is apparently fast approaching. Jokes aside, this ebook teaches you valuable skills that you simply can’t go wrong with having. I will give you a breakdown of the type of things you learn in just a moment. First, I want to mention that the program does come with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. So, if you decide that you would rather pop (and pay for) prescription pills that destroy your body instead of growing your own natural alternative, then you can do so. However, once you see just how easy it is to implement these natural, authentic ways of living into your life, there’s no way you’ll want to give this valuable resource up.

You also receive three bonus programs that have a same general concept as The Lost Ways – and they don’t cost you one cent extra! They are:

  1. What Every Survivalist Should Grow in his Backyard
  2. How to Outlive an EMP The Early Pioneer Way
  3. A Step By Step Guide to Building Your Own Can Rotation System

Oh and the best part? It’s all online! As soon as you purchase, you can get started. Simply download the eBook onto your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone and you’re ready to take a blast to the past. You can also download the program in audiobook if you would prefer that option.

About the Creator of The Lost Ways Guide

The Lost Ways was created by Claude Davis, a man often recognized for being the ultimate survivalist. His knowledge of pre-modern/pioneer living is so vast that he has also created many other successful survivalist programs. He is a prepper and survival expert eager to teach others how to survive on nothing but the earth, in case of a natural disaster, war, economic decline… or zombie apocalypse.

Overview of The Lost Ways Guide

Let’s get into the good stuff – the type of things you learn when you start reading The Lost Ways. Since the program is 350 pages of survivalist techniques and tricks, we would be here all day if I went through all of the topics. So, instead, here is a brief look at the categories of topics you’ll find in this incredibly valuable resource:

The Lost Ways Table of Contents
The Table of Contents for Claude Davis’ The Lost Ways program.
  • How to Build a Self-Feeding Fire
  • How to Make The Survival Food of the U.S. Civil War
  • Lost Pioneer Recipes from the 18th Century
  • How Early Pioneers Made Pemmican and the Nutritional Qualities of it
  • Healing, Fueling and Illumination Recipes Using Cattails
  • Step-By-Step Guide on How to Build a Smokehouse
  • How to Smoke Meat The Right Way
  • How to Preserve Water
  • Filtering Water Supplies
  • Harvesting Rainwater
  • How to Make Candles and Glue out of Pine Resin
  • How People Defended Their Villages and Towns
  • What Our Ancestors Were Foraging For
  • How to Wild craft Your Table
  • How to Make Sourdough
  • How to Trap in the Winter
  • How to Make Herbal Poultice to Heal Wounds
  • Our Ancestors’ Guide to Root Cellars
  • Cooking on an Open Flame
  • Recipes from the Past and Future
  • How to Navigate Without a GPS System
  • How to Make your Own Beer
  • How to Make Gunpowder and Roll Ammo
  • How to Make Knives
  • How to Be Hygienic Without Cosmetics
  • How to Make Snow Shoes for Survival

…. The list goes on.

The Verdict

The Lost Ways is a comprehensive eBook that covers absolutely everything you would need to know if you were to suddenly without the modern luxuries that we have today. And of course, you can use your newfound skills to replace dangerous or potentially harmful practices you use today.

This program can revitalize your life and can even give you a chance at life if a disaster was to occur. That’s priceless.


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