Start Potty Training 3 Day Method Review

Start Potty Training 3 Day Method Review

Start Potty Training 3 Day Method will result in a diaper-free life in as little as three days – guaranteed. I know, I know, it sounds too good to be true but don’t be mistaken. Teaching your little one is, inarguably, one of the most difficult things you go through as a parent. Just when you think they finally get it, they poop all over the place or pee on a $300 pair of Prada pants. Yes – true story. Like I said, potty training is the most difficult, stressful and frustrating thing you go through as a parent. It’s also the most expensive as you dish out a ton of extra money on “after diapers diapers” that have a significant markup in price. But there is a solution and one that won’t break the bank, cost you a pair of Prada pants or result in you cleaning pee off the walls, and I have all the poop, I mean, scoop!

About Start Potty Training 3 Day Method Program

Forget everything you thought you knew about potty training because it doesn’t work. Yes, I am that confident in the Start Potty Training 3 Day Method program.

For starters, this program is online, so you can get started as soon as you make the purchase. You just log in and download the program, or click the printable version. The latter was my personal preference because as a parent, you rarely get to sit down for more than 5 minutes, let alone to read something on a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone without a little one wanted to play on it. Either way, both versions allow you to complete the program at your own pace, whenever and wherever you are.

Now, let’s get into the nitty gritty of it!

The Start Potty Training 3 Day Method program is based on 6 crucial building blocks that will have your child potty trained in three days – guaranteed. Unlike all the other tips and tricks you learn about potty training from other parents, the Internet and hearsay, this potty training approach isn’t trial and error. It’s a specific plan that doesn’t confuse your child in the process but rather, one that effectively teaches your child everything they need to know about going on the potty. More importantly, it also teaches you (yes, you!) everything every parent needs to know before starting the potty training process. This is something almost always left out which seems absolutely crazy. Without you, the parent, potty training can’t happen. So yes, you need some training, preparing and tactics to follow as well.  In fact, you need a plan just like your little one does and that’s exactly what you get with the Start Potty Training 3 Day Method program.

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About the Author of Start Potty Training 3 Day Method

The creator of the program, Carol Cline, is just like you and I. She’s a mother of four that had a terrible time potty training her first child – the same child who peeped all over $300 Prada pants. However, what separates Carol from the rest of us is that she is also a daycare owner and helps potty train several kids on a regular basis. It was only after the parents of her daycare children sought after her potty-training advice that she realized she has the answer all parents are looking for. Thus, the brought the Start Potty Training 3 Day Method program to the Internet and alas, here we are.

Overview of the Program

Let’s get down to the specifics! Here’s a breakdown of the topics covered in the Start Potty Training 3 Day Method Program.

Chapter 1: Background

  • Potty training around the world
  • Potty training in olden days
  • At what age are children today potty trained?
  • Potty-training for today’s needs
  • Motivations for early potty training
  • What happens for those who don’t potty-train early
  • A healthy method
  • Effectiveness of a 3-Day Method

Chapter 2: Too Young? Too Old?

Chapter 3: How to know the right time to start

  • Seems interested in the potty chair or toilet
  • Global readiness skills, even when not yet interested in the toilet
  • Imitates parents around the house
  • Can put things back in their place
  • Has dry diapers for up to two hours
  • Must be able to go to bed without bottle or cup
  • Has regular, soft, formed bowel movements
  • Able to communicate his or her wants
  • Uncomfortable with wet or soiled diapers

Chapter 4: Preparing Yourself

  • Be involved in all areas of your child’s learning
  • Start only when you and your child are ready
  • Prepare to give up all your regular activities for 3 days in a row
  • Decide on a vocabulary
  • Prepare to dedicate your time and energy to the child
  • Don’t go back to diapers when the going gets rough
  • Learn how a child signals their need to pee or poo
  • If possible don’t involve multiple people in actual potty training

Chapter 5: Preparing the Child

  • Start to teach potty-training words
  • Begin to make diaper-changing tedious
  • Familiarize your ch9ild with the bathroom/toilet
  • Introduce the potty chair
  • Make your child’s potty a comfortable and welcoming place
  • Schedule potty breaks

Chapter 6: Potty-Training Calendar

  • Designate 3 days in a row
  • Prepare a variety of activities you and your child can do together
  • Have laundry done before starting
  • Introduce high fiber foods to your child’s diet

Chapter 7: Equipment Arsenal

  • High-fiber food supplies and liquids
  • Potty chair
  • Real underwear
  • Easy-wear clothing
  • Moist bathroom wipes
  • Snacks, treats, rewards
  • Cleaning supplies

Chapter 8: Three-Day Potty Training Method

  • Principles that make the 3-Day Method effective

(Day, Naptime, Nighttime tips)

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Chapter 9: Urination, Bowel Movements

  • Urination
  • Bowel movements
  • How to have healthy bowel movements

Chapter 10: How to wipe their bums

  • When can children begin to learn how to wipe?
  • Correct technique
  • Materials
  • Learning to flush
  • Learning to wash hands
  • Visual aid for learning to wipe

Chapter 11: Potty Training Differences

  • Potty Training for Girls
  • Potty Training for Boys
  • Potty Training for Older Children
  • Older Adoptive Children
  • Twins and Multiple Children

Chapter 12: Potty Training for Children with Autism, Asperger’s, Down’s and other Disorders

  • Things to Remember with Autism
  • Aids to Potty Training
  • General Guidelines

Chapter 13: Bumps in the Road

Chapter 14: In Case of Health Programs

Chapter 15: Out into the World

  • Preschool, Daycare
  • Travel
  • Visiting friends or family
  • Public restrooms
  • Malls, Restaurants
  • Swimming pools
  • Parks and Playgrounds
  • Concerns and other events
  • Travel by air

…. And that’s only to name a few!


So, put down the pull ups and pick up the Start Potty Training 3 Day Method program. Three days is all you need – guaranteed – and a guarantee that you can take advantage of for two months through the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.


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